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    Smile Help for Latch Problems

    I have been meaning to post this for quite some time. I want to provide some potential help for moms with LOs that are having latch problems. I spent many nights reading this message board for support and feel like I should give a little back! My LO (now 14 months) had difficultly maintaining her latch. She would come off the breast every few seconds and would nurse forever (20 - 30 minutes per side) but still seem hungry. She also made this loud suckling noise whenever she nursed or drank from a bottle. So I pumped exclusively for almost 3 months and gave bottles, but continued to work on the latch at least once a day. I refused to give up on the breastfeeding and finally my pediatrician referred me to a doctor who was a breastfeeding specialist because we wondered if my LO was tongue tied. The specialist did not think that a tongue tie was the problem, but she suggested I bring my LO to an osteopath doctor nearby who specialized in infants. I was not familiar with osteopathic medicine (google it if you are not either), but the specialist had seen it work on other babies. The doctor laughed and told me that it seemed a little like voodoo magic, but that it does seem to work. So I gave it a try, and after about 3 visits my LO stopped making that horrible suckling noise, and after about 5 visits her latch was fixed!! She became a breastfeeding champ by about 4 months. I was so thankful and now we are still nursing at 14 months. It was a very gentle non-invasive treatment. So if you are having latch problems it might be worth looking for osteopath doctors in your area. Good luck.

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    So is this similar to what chiropractors do??

    Having latch issues with my 6 month old. IBCLC helped with it some, but DD2 keeps sliding off. She is slightly tongue tied and extremely lip tied. Pediatrician didn't think the tongue was an issue, but was concerned about the lip tie. Saw ENT who doesn't believe either one is affecting her latch. She said to leave tongue tie alone unless it affects her speech (it's pretty mild, truthfully). As far as lip tie, she is concerned about it, but not for nursing purposes, rather for dental. She was VERY reluctant to do anything about it now as it would require surgery (I don't want surgery on my six month old either!) to correct it. Instead I am supposed to follow up with her when DD2 is 1 year old, but I think I'll just take her to see a pediatric dentist for this. They are much more familiar with this condition.

    But your post got me to thinking about other potential issues. Very curious. Could yo provide some details as to what processes were performed on your LO?

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    The osteopath treatments were a little like chiropractic treatments but MUCH gentler. It just looks like the doctor is doing a gentle massage, but I think the key is that he is activating pressure points - sort of like acupuncture but without any needles. For the most part, my LO just enjoyed the extra attention but when he worked on some of the areas that were more obviously "tight" or "compressed" (such as the back of her neck) she would get a little fussy and need her binky or blankie. The only part she really hated was when he did some "massage" in her mouth. We have taken her back a few more times since the suckling/latch problem was fixed to make sure everything was continuing to stay loose and inline as she began crawling and walking. My husband has had a lot of back problems in his life, and his chiropractor told him that if he had osteopathic treaments when he was younger it may have prevented some of his back problems. So we are trying to make sure that our LO grows up nicely aligned. I hope this helps. Good luck.

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