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Thread: A few questions..

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    Default A few questions..

    I have a friend who had twin girls at 32weeks and are now home after 5 weeks in the hospital. I am trying to help her with a few things and before I open my mouth with advice I would like to get everyone's take on a few things.

    1. Nipple Shields. I have heard that unless you have a nipple problem like inverted or whatever, you should try not to use these. Less milk transfer and what not. Any info on this would be wonderful.

    2. Supplementing with formula. I understand that many moms have to do this and thats fine I just want to know the pros and cons of it when looking towards the future.

    3. Is it important for premature babies to be supplemented with formula for weight gain?

    Any information on anything in this post would be wonderful

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    Default Re: A few questions..

    1. Nipple shields can lower supply. It happened to me...very gradually. Luckily I saw an awesome LC and now we nurse shield free, supply back to normal.

    2. If supplementation is needed, do it at the breast with a little tube. SNS is what it is called, I think. If for some reason that can't work, pump after nursing. in fact pumping after nursing might be the way to go regardless. More stimulation = more mama's milk = less supplement. That way one could also use the pumped milk as supplement.

    3. Not sure why formula would be better than breast milk in this case...seems to me if breast is best for term babies it would also be best for premies.
    Just my opinion.

    Congratulations to your friend. Hope everything works out for her and that her babies stay healthy and grow strong!

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    Default Re: A few questions..

    1. Link on shields: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...an-shield.html
    2. Supplementation pros:
    - when necessary, can be life-saving
    Supplementation cons:
    - can lead to reduced milk supply, since supply = demand, and anything that keeps baby from demanding milk from the breast will lead to reduced supply
    - early introduction of artificial nipples (bottles, pacis) can interfere with a baby's latch and desire to nurse
    - formula is not as healthy for a baby as breastmilk- it does not contain the ideal nutritional balance for growth and development, does not provide any immunological benefits, and is sometimes (rarely) contaminated with dangerous microorganisms
    3. No. Premature babies who are not nursing well may require supplementation, but they can be supplemented with expressed milk or expressed milk which has had milk fortifier added to it. Formula does not make premature babies grow faster than breastmilk.

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    Default Re: A few questions..

    Hi: just a word on your last question. My LO was 6 weeks premature, & the awesome docs at my hospital were anxious that he be exclusively breastmilk fed, at least until his due date. Unfortunately they relied on bottles, but that's another story. Anyhow, these Stanford Neonatologists said that formula can be hard for preemies to digest and thus lead to other, secondary issues. So, in short, NO, no preemie "needs" formula. Unless, of course, theres nothing else to eat.

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