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Thread: 3 year old sickness + increased nursing

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    Default 3 year old sickness + increased nursing

    For one I cannot believe i'm nursing a three year old Never thought i'd be able to say that. In any case between single motherhood and school I don't come around often but when it comes to 3 year old nursing issues there really is no one else to talk to about this!

    DD was VERY VERY sick for about 9 days and did not consume any food, and hardly any liquids outside of nursing. I am grateful she was nursing because otherwise I am certain she would have had to be hospitalized (as it was we went to the ER three times). Anyways shes doing much better now but....she's gotten VERY used to constant nursing. We had been working our way down on the nursing sessions and setting plenty of limits. She goes to preschool, I go to school and her eating foods had improved. But she has always been extremely attached to nursing and this just put us back to square one.

    Now...I'm very sick and there is nothing worse then having a high fever at 2am and having your cosleeping 3 year old screaming right in your ear because you won't allow them to lay ontop of you and nurse. My body and skin hurt so badly and I cannot tolerate her touching me, but my head also cannot tolerate the screaming. She's perfectly capable of eating and drinking now but has been prefering not to she'd much rather nurse. So i guess my question how do I cut back again, as gently as possible? And should i expect and tolerate the tantrums that will follow? She is ridiculously stubborn and strong-willed and has the attitude of a 13 year old but seriously if i have to listen to her whine and scream "i want mumum" all day long for much longer I might just lose my mind
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    Default Re: 3 year old sickness + increased nurs

    Have you tried talking to her about the situation? I currently nurse a 3 yo and I was recently amazed when I talked to her (in advance) about something regarding her nursing behavior and that was what it took. She fussed a little bit about the limit the next time, but nothing like it would have been had I just tried to put the limit in place in the moment. We, too, have had some bounce back after illness and it does take some work to get back down to your previous limits. And, as with all weaning issues, it helps to decide what one thing you really can't tolerate and focus on that first. Hope you are feeling better soon. I'm sure that will help.
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