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Thread: Give a bottle before bed?

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    Gabbi is starting to not want to nurse at all. The ONLY time she doesn't give me a hard time is during the night when she wakes up (sometimes 11pm or 2am) and during the first morning feeding (4am or so). The rest of the day, she will nurse for a minute or two and then stop. I've tried everything - different rooms, dark rooms, bright rooms, changing positions, taking breaks, etc. Nothing works. She acts like she isn't interested. It's getting worse. Honestly, the lack of interest has been going on for about a month now, but she is getting more and more irritated with me when I try to nurse her. I feel like she is only getting a good amount of milk when she gets her bottle before bed (she refuses to nurse then) and then during the night and early morning. I'm starting to have supply issues when I pump at work because I am engorged all weekend. I'm afraid to pump during the day because, if by some miracle she decides to nurse, I'm afraid the flow won't be fast enough for her.

    I've read about nursing strikes...do they seriously go on for over a month? I'm so frustrated. Any thoughts?
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    I hate to say it, but it does sound like she's developing the bottle preference you were afraid of earlier, no? Any chance she'd start drinking from a cup or sippy during the day so you could cut bottles out entirely for a while? I dont know any other way to deal w bottle pref.

    That said, 7 months can mean a pretty distracted kiddo. Where is she with solids? You have a lot more experience than i do, but my LO did go through a phase of very low interest in the breast at 7 and a half months adjusted age, when he finally got into solids. It was annoying, and I pumped when I was sore, but it passed.

    Hope this passes, too!

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