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Thread: Plugged again..Yeast again...

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    Default Plugged again..Yeast again...

    This seems to be the regular.. I have a HUGE area that is plugged in my right breast and yeast or thrush.. I dont know the difference.. just that it hurts (nothing in babies mouth). Anyways, when I tried to nurse her off the breast with the issues last night she was fighting it so bad after a few minutes. Tugging and struggling. Could this be from the plugged ducts? She was also VERY gassy and fussy last night. I know I have plenty of milk. Atleast Im pretty sure I do. She goes about 3 hours between feedings during the day and 10 hours at night. When i pump in the morning off the side she doesn't get breakfast off of I get 5oz. I have been taking the 8 strain acidophilus and vitamins. I don't know why I keep getting plugged and the nipple yeast. I breastfed my twins and didnt have this many problems!! Do babies tug and pull a lot if they are having tummy issues? She was having such a hard time last night I felt bad. Last plug I had lasted over a week and I don't want her having issues a whole week with this side if it lasts that long.. Help??

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    She might not have been getting as much milk as fast as usual if you have a plug.

    Yeast, another name for thrush, can cause gassiness.

    I tend to have a lot of plugs. Moms with a lot of milk tend to get them. I spent the first 8 or so months of my life with my first baby plugged somewhere. A few things to try:
    Cut saturated fat from your diet. For me, just eating a bowl of ice cream can bring one on
    Try soy lecithin
    Check all your bras and tanks, as one may be laying on a duct oddly. I cannot wear Target nursing camis because they give me plugs.
    If you baby wear, watch how you tie baby to you. I have one carrier that will give me a plug very easily if I'm not careful
    If baby won't nurse that side, pump and massage it. And even after baby nurse, pump and massage it.

    For the thrush, I would ask a doc for Diflucan for both baby and I and then do a yeast diet to keep it from coming back. APNO can also help keep things A-OK. You may want to sun your bras to kill any yeast on them. Holidays are a prime time for yeast infection...lots of treats, lots of stress.
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