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Thread: doctor trying to put baby on formula !

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    Saw your question on my post and thought I'd answer you here, too.

    I ended up supplementing. The thing that really had me worried was that DS had nearly dropped off the charts. He was 85th to 90th percentile across the board at birth (based on the WHO charts that have been linked here in a PPs reply) and dropped dramatically over the first 2 months. I supplemented a little bit at Dr's urging, though not as much as he wanted, from 2 - 4 months. At 4 months, DS's weight was still very low, and he had a major drop in the height percentile. It seemed I was making just enough to support DS's bare essential growth with nothing to spare. I decided to supplement at the level the doc asked for.
    DS has chunked up. A lot! He's moving back up the growth charts, not that it's a competition or anything. He really did seem content before, no behaviors that would raise alarms. Fussy evenings, but it all seemed normal. Diaper output seemed ok. Now, however, he's very content; and the difference is obvious. He nurses for about 10-15 minutes, then usually drains a 4 oz bottle, and he's happy for a couple of hours. We still just BF during the night and he's happy to do that. He's transferring about 2oz of BM at each nursing session during the day. I resisted the idea of supplementing at first, but it does seem that whatever my supply issues were, I needed a little extra help. I wish he was EBF, but I'm proud of what BM he is getting, and it still makes me smile to see those little BM curds in his diapers mixed in with all that formula grey-green. Silly proud mama moment, I know

    I am not saying this is the right decision for you. Supplementing was more of a last-resort for me. It is what I decided to do after repeated visits with an IBCLC and trying multiple times to boost my supply with a hospital grade pump and herbal galactologues.
    I would recommend talking to an IBCLC, or at the very least a LLLI leader if a lactation consultant is out of reach financially. See if you can find a milk-transfer scale that will let you see how much milk your LO is getting in a feeding. You'll be able to find out if there really is a weight problem. It could be that your LO is just on the small side or has a high metabolism.

    Good luck, mama! I know how hard it is to have little support at home for breastfeeding (my husband is my only support) and this site is great for getting that support! These ladies are wonderful! Don't give up!

    Oh, and my DS still loves to nurse! All those bottle haven't decreased his love for mama's milk, and when he's upset or tired or just needing a little comfort, a bottle just won't do. He wants mom.
    You've made a wonderful bond with your little one; and chances are good that even if you end up supplementing, your son will still enjoy nursing.
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    Hey there, I have heard of MANY doctors telling mom's that their babies aren't getting enough and havent gained enough weight. Don't supplement and don't let them discourage you! Breast milk is very easily digestible which is why they feed more often and are a little smaller than formula fed babies. Just because your baby isn't super fat and chunky yet doesn't mean he isn't healthy. Breastfed babies are SUPPOSED to be smaller than formula fed babies!! I really hope this helps you, and I agree with everyone else that since he is content and goes to the bathroom enough there is nothing to worry about. Keep it up!

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    My son was in the 90th percentile at birth and dropped to the 10-15th percentile. He was so active, but I knew he was getting enough. I never supplemented, and he caught back up by 2. My doc NEVER mentioned formula, ever. He said he was gaining and growing, even if slowly, and with childhood obesity being an epidemic - he was happy with my skinny babies. It sounds like your baby is perfect. Keep up the good work, mama!
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