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  • I counted down the days to 12 months and weaned off the pump as fast as I could!

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Thread: Pumping more than a year

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    I pumped for 16 months with DD1 and then stopped because I was pregnant for DD2, pumping for an hour at night, and only getting 2 ounces.
    Hi, I'm Jen, mommy to Victoria (5/24/09, self-weaned 11/1/10) and Gabrielle (5/20/11, still going strong!). Always and sometimes ...when will I stop? When Gabbi says so!

    Nursing Gabbi for fourteen months and counting!

    The ladies here have gotten me through some rough times!

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    Default Re: Pumping more than a year

    I hate pumping, seriously hate it...and won't miss it for ANYTHING, but I love nursing....and the fact that I can feed my daughter for FREE is great, so I don't know....we're coming up to a year.....and as much as I want to be done.....I just might continue.....either way, I'll still nurse for a while...
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    With number 1 stopped right on the 12m mark (I hate pumping). Number 2 I would have done the same, but waited until he outgrew his dairy allergy (around 19m). At 12 m I went from 3x/day to 2x. By 18m it was only 1x.

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