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Thread: Worried about my baby's calcium needs?

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    Default Worried about my baby's calcium needs?

    My boy is now 6 months old and was BF only until 4 months old. We introduced solids at 4 months, and now, because I want to get pregnant again, I have reduced my nursing to twice a day.

    He eats solids with gusto - and has done so since we started with solids. I feed him vegetables, fruits, oatmeal, chicken, etc. I also give him yogurt, because I'm worried that he's not getting calcium since I decreased the breastfeeding. You see, he refuses formula - won't touch the stuff.

    So how do I know he's getting enough calcium? Will yogurt give him enough (1 or 2 servings a day)? I would love to hear advice on this....

    Best wishes to all

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    Default Re: Worried about my baby's calcium need

    Welcome to the forum!

    I think your question is really one that should be taken up with your child's pediatrician. I know my pediatrician says that until a year, a baby's primary source of nutrition should be breastmilk or formula. It's not just about the calcium, it's also about meeting the baby's nutritional needs for fat and carbohydrates, and about feeding the baby the proper type of fats (like cholesterol- not so great for adults but good for babies) and carbohydrates (like lactose). Breastmilk and to a lesser extent formula have the right balance of ingredients. It's much, much harder to strike that balance when feeding a baby solids. Especially a 6 month old baby, who should be just starting with solid food, taking a few tastes per day for the experience and not relying on solids to meet most of his nutritional needs.

    Basically, if you are detmined to space your children very close together, weaning will make your fertility return and should make that close spacing possible. But as far as I know, a mom who weans before a year should be switching her baby to formula, not solids. I think it makes sense to keep offering formula in small amounts, perhaps mixed with cereal or perhaps with expressed milk, and to keep trying different brands until you find something your baby will drink. Or... Reevaluate your plan? Close child spacing might be your ideal, but getting a full year's nutritional value from breastfeeding... That's your baby's ideal. Sorry if that sounds harsh or critical.

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    Default Re: Worried about my baby's calcium need

    Infant Nutrition

    Caloric requirements

    0-3 months - 116kcal./kg./d
    3-12 months- 100kcal./kg./d

    Composition of the diet
    40-50% fat
    40% carbohydrates
    10% protein

    Nutrient requirements, birth to six months
    Protein -- 13 grams
    Iron -- 6 milligrams
    Calcium -- 400 milligrams
    Vitamin A -- 375 RE
    Vitamin C -- 30 milligrams

    Nutrient requirements, seven to twelve months
    Protein -- 14 grams
    Iron -- 10 milligrams
    Calcium -- 600 milligrams
    Vitamin A -- 375 RE
    Vitamin C -- 35 milligrams
    I think that if you look at the back of the jars of food, cereal, and yogurt - it will be plainly seen...those foods to not adequately supply the composition and total caloric needs of a baby your son's age. He needs breastmilk or formula as his main source of nutrition for the next 6mos.
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    Default Re: Worried about my baby's calcium need

    It is NOT in anyway acceptable to wean a 6month old child to twice a day and have him rely on solid food for his nutrients. A child MUST be able to rely on breastmilk OR formula until AT LEAST the year point. And frankly even at the year point....that is where weaning BEGINS. Even then breastmilk or formula should be filling in the gaps as a child learns to depend on solids. Babies are not like Grown people. That is why they must have BM or Formula until they are at least one as their MAIN SOURCE of nutrition until then. So much more than calcium intake is at stake. Please immediately increase your feedings. The feeding and nutrition of a child that already exists has to supercede the desire to create another. Experiment with different kinds of formula is you must. Or mixing it with your breastmilk. But PLEASE PLEASE increase your feedings until you CAN get your child to take formula or until he is a year old.

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    Default Re: Worried about my baby's calcium need

    I agree, with the pp. If you can't get baby to take formula, you MUST increase the feedings. I don't even know your baby can get enough fluids from two nursings a day...
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