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    My baby girl is 3 months old today!! We are a family on the go and the only way she likes to nurse is in the football hold. I tried cross cradle the other day and she threw a TANTRUM!! Anyways, its not the most comfortable hold trying to walk around the grocery store or where ever we may be at. So I was wondering if there is a good wrap or sling that I could bfeed out of in the football position.

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    i have had the easiest time nursing in a ring sling...it's most easily adjusted for nursing (have tried the moby and a woven with limited success) and the tail can act as an extra cover if needed. i've always nursed in cradle position, but maybe this video would be helpful if your lo is resistant to nursing in a cradle position.
    i might try this out, as my lo resisted nursing in cradle position in a ring sling the last time i tried and haven't revisited it since.

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    Rng sling
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    Check this link out. It is for a ring sling and nursing in position thats like the football hold.
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