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Thread: please tell me

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    Also, don't forget that some Mom's LIE!!! They may SAY that their baby is sleeping through, but they aren't. Just just want to win the baby-comparison-race.

    I just smile and nod and then change the topic.
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    Thanks everyone. DH got baby out of bed for me last night and brought him in to me to nurse. I took the baby back to bed because he didn't seem to do well sleeping with us (kept waking up every time we moved). He did sleep an extra hour this morning because I nursed him in bed and he fell asleep and I let him stay that way. It was much nicer since I didn't have to wake all the way up to feed baby, so I went back to sleep much faster and I was semi asleep while feeding him. I felt much more rested this morning. DH didn't seem unhappy with getting DS out of bed and seemed just as rested this morning as usual. He did make a comment that DS woke up every two hours last night. I wonder if he thought I was exagerating how often DS was waking during the night.
    DS screamed bloody murder when DH went to get him out of bed the first time. He was probably like, "not you. I want mommy," but calmed down when DH took him into our room and he saw me in the bed.
    I am hoping this arrangement continues to work out well. I definitely feel much more rested and able to do my job correctly.
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    Hey, I totally here you, mama. The only thing that got me through days like that was having my mom come hold Bubs while I napped and the sweet, sweet promise of a vasectomy. I tried the "No cry" books and in my opinion they are completely worthless. Not only is the advice useless, my edition was filled with pictures of sleeping children. Grrr, salt in the wound, man!

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    yay!! hope that arrangement continues to helped you feel more rested!

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