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Thread: Want to BF again after 3 wks of formula

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    Keep us posted.

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    How are things going with this?

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    To relactate, having the baby on your breast is going to be crucial. Exclusively pumping to relactate may not work out so well. Even when the baby is just suckling is a good thing, it still stimulates you. Stay hydrated, stay rested and relaxed. Stay in bed unclothed with baby in only a diaper as much as possible, giving him every opprotunity to pacify and nurse. Skin to skin is important, u need all the stimulation u can get. Pump every 2 hours on the dot. Stat taking fenugreek 2 capsules 3x daily, and talk with your dr. About a prescription to increase supply. Eats oats every morning, and drink mothers milk tea. There are pleanty of things u can eat and drink in attempt to increase supply. When its time for baby to eat try having baby latched on and use a syringe with formula to leak into babys mouth. Get in touch with a lactation consultant, it will be difficult to relactate but its possible and worth it. Also, nursing in public is nothing to be ashamed of. I am proud to do it, I'm showing the world I'm able to provide and feed my baby with the best thing for him. If people don't like it, they can turn their heads.

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