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Thread: Painful teeth marks while nursing

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    Default Painful teeth marks while nursing

    My little guy has had 8 teeth for many months now. When his top teeth first came in he occasionally left teeth marks, rarely painful. I could usually unlatch him and he would re-latch okay.

    Slowly his latch has gotten worse and worse. For a long time it was only painful when he was sleepy, but when he was wide awake everything was fine. Now every nursing session involves deep, painful teeth marks no matter how many times he re-latches. More than half the time I can slide my nipple right out of his mouth easily, so he isn't even really latched at all, instead he just kind of chews. I swear I can sometimes feel his bottom teeth touching, too, which is just all wrong.

    What can I do? When I am really frustrated I just tell myself that we are ready to wean, but I don't really believe that. I have also noticed that frustration from this situation has lead me to be less patient in other parts of our relationship, which upsets me even more.

    I am looking for any advice from the ladies here, and I am also going to call the LC at my pediatrician's practice, who helped us through our nursing issues when he was first born.
    My little man was born 12/17/2010.

    Baby girl was born 4/30/2014.

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    Default Re: Painful teeth marks while nursing

    This is actually a fairly common issue, and what I have seen help again and again is to change nursing position. Your baby is bigger now and if you have been using some kind of position that cradles him or curls him up, that may be making it impossible for him to nurse comfortably. Babies and toddlers need a tilted back head and open neck area to drink. As an exagerated example, think of how a giraffe baby would nurse. Of just observe yourself as you drink a glass of water.

    Another thing to try is to position baby so the teeth do not keep rubbing in the same spot. Your breast is round, and your child can theoretically nurse from any angle.

    This article has some nice tips too, esp. see the section on teeth rubbing: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/older-baby/biting.html

    Good idea to see your LC.

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