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Thread: New mom in need of help

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    Yes. Feed on demand.

    NO, pumping is not easier. This gets easier. You will stop hurting so much. (pain at 10 days makes me think latch problems or thrush or both). Pumping never gets easier. Ever. Don't do it.

    You might want to look into hands on help ASAP with the latch. Find an IBCLC or CALL the LLL leader
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*purpetal View Post
    Question; some feedings are 20mins some are and hour and twenty mins. Is this ok?
    Yes, definitely okay! As you get more comfortable, you'll be able to tell if she is actively eating or just comfort sucking. Both are good for your supply though, so I would not limit the comfort sucking either. That part sometimes gets me frustrated, because I want to be doing other things - and I am stuck for long stretches of time. Right now, your most important job is feeding your baby though... so you just need to make yourself comfortable... get a good book, computer, TV, etc.
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    Hi again. Thnks for all the advice and personal stories. My DD is 10 days old to answer that question. I am going to ask the pediatrician tomorrow if I can let DD lead the might feeding schedule.
    And I emailed a local la leche leader.

    Question; some feedings are 20mins some are and hour and twenty mins. Is this ok?
    So, is it your doctors recommendation to nurse on a set scedule? Why did he or she make this recommendation? How is babies weight gain/output?

    If at all possible, I suggest you CALL a LLL Leader or make sure one calls you back. A back and forth, real time conversation is often very important to help you get to the bottom of what is going on and find the solutions that will work for you & your baby, as individuals.

    Are you in the US or able to call the US? LLL USA maintains a Leader helpline. (877-452-5324).
    Sometimes you will get a live Leader other times you will leave your info and get a call back. If your local group only provided e-mail contact info, try calling the helpline, or any other Leader you like, for that matter. I often suggests moms keep calling until they reach someone or get someone to call them back who they find is helpful!

    10 days is very early days. Things get so much better, for most moms, sometime between 2 & 6 weeks they get over that "hump" and breastfeeding becomes easy and enjoyable. But severe nipple pain and/or nipple damage needs to be addressed asap.

    and yes, it is normal for babies to have varied length of feedings, sometimes very long feedings, and to feed extremely frequently. You and your baby are figuring this thing out right now and lots ofvariation is normal. Plus babies nurse for food AND comfort and that is normal and appropriate. As long as baby is gaining appropriately and output is OK no need to worry about length of feedings except if they are causing YOU discomfort as I imagine they are due to the nipple pain. Its the nipple pain that needs fixing, not the length or frequency of feedings.

    I strongly urge you to get the book The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (8th edition, 2010) this is a science and research- backed breastfeeding manual that is extremely helpful for all breastfeeding moms. All to often, the info moms get about breastfeeding, even from medical professionals, is incorrect or dated. Breastfeeding assistance is not taught in medical school. It retails for $20.00 US but you can find it for less online for sure. Your Library may have it too. It is available in many other countries/languages as well.

    This article may be helpful in reasuring you that much of what you are experiencing right now is normal: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/normal/newborn-nursing.html

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    Thank you, ladies. I am armed with questions for my pediatrician tomorrow and the madela sore nipple cups are helping. Book is ordered, too.

    You all have helped me stick with it some more

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