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Thread: Slight Nipple Cracks BEFORE birth

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    Question Slight Nipple Cracks BEFORE birth

    Hi, I'm new here and just getting the lay of the land. I'm due in about two weeks and just wanted some quick advice before the baby comes.

    I've had slight cracks/fissure in my nipples since about 20 weeks. It's not at all painful. Sometimes there is a little yellow crust along the cracks like colostrum but I've only ever seen it dry.

    Just wondering if anyone else experienced this and if I should be worried they will get worse once the baby arrives and I start BFing. Should I do anything now to prevent any further damage?

    Thanks in Advanced!

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    Default Re: Slight Nipple Cracks BEFORE birth

    Welcome and congratulations on the baby to come! We love it when first-time moms-to-be find this site- breastfeeding goes so much better when a mom educates herself ahead of time.

    As long as the cracks are painless, I'm thinking that they may be merely a part of the nipple changes that can accompany pregnancy. During pregnancy your nipples tend to grow and darken in color, and I know that when I was pregnant the first time around I noticed that my nips got a bit more rugose- that is, more wrinkly/ridged/creased- in appearance. Colostruim would sometimes well up and crust over in those creases.

    That being said, cracks in the nipple skin could be problematic if they are being caused by something like thrush (a yeast infection that isn't in the "usual" place) or bacteria. I would definitely speak to your midwife or ob about this, and ask them if the cracks look like normal breast changes or not.

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    Default Re: Slight Nipple Cracks BEFORE birth

    My sense is that if they are painless, they are nothing to worry about. But if you do have any pain or discomfort, I'd worry about thrush, which can sometimes strike pregnant women (it's a yeast infection on the breasts) and is NO FUN, especially once you start nursing. Better to treat it early if you need to. But usually that stings, burns, or itches.

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