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    With my initial attempts to bf my newborn could not latch on, so we strews using the nipple shield and now she will not even try to latchon without it and she is 11 days old. I fear she is not getting sufficient milk, any advice?

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    Why don't you think she is getting enough?

    Does she have enough wet diapers? IS she gaining weight? Is she lethargic all the time?

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    How is her diaper output?
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    This link on diaper output tells you how to judge if your baby is getting enough: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/enough-milk.html. If you are having trouble counting pees- something which can be hard, given the tiny amount of urine generated by a newborn and the absorbency of a diaper- tuck a square or two of tissue paper in front of the baby's vulva. When she pees, the tissue will be visibly wet.

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