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Thread: Toss this milk or keep?

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    Default Toss this milk or keep?

    I've read some places that milk is good in the freezer for 3-6 months. It's been three months for several ounces I have stored in the freezer. Also, this milk I'm talking about was pumped during a really bad thrush I had but I was pumping wayyyy more than DS was taking and I just couldn't throw it out, kwim, just in case of an emergency? So, would you just toss this milk and forget about it? I just can't seem to do that!!!!! But I've not been using it and just saving it for emergency purposes? We keep our freezer very cold/icy even though it's not a deep freeze so I'd think the milk would still technically be good....but the thrush has me thinking I should just toss it and forget about it......but I don't want to throw milk away! LOL

    Anyone else have such a problem with tossing out milk? I'm still making way more than he needs, but he's only just now four months old. I think the last two weeks I pumped 70-ish ounces more than what he nursed/took in a bottle at the sitter's. BUT he's been sick so not eating quite as much, so I've had to pump to relieve fullness AND I'm probably going to start working more, like 2-3 days per week, and sometimes (not all the time thought) I may have to go six hours without pumping, so I may start needing more of my freezer stash than I have so far.

    I think my big hang-up is that I tried so hard to nurse DD(almost 6) and she wouldn't ever latch on properly so I exclusively pumped her first four months but just couldn't keep up with her demand. I'm sure now that was because she had reflux and threw up everything she drank, therefor requiring WAY more milk than a normal child....but I still worry I'll eventually not make enough for DS!!!!! WE love to nurse and I nurse him whenever I can, so I'm sure that supply won't be an issue, but I worry!

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    Default Re: Toss this milk or keep?

    I would toss the thrush milk and keep everything else. I know it's hard to toss any milk.

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    I would use it for cooking something for baby. And not use too, too much. Like not make baby purees, kwim. But maybe teething crackers. So the yeast isn't there is huge numbers, kwim. I can't stand tossing milk either.
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