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Thread: When to pump milk?

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    Question When to pump milk?

    hi lovely ladies
    Am having some concerns about pumpg and storing breastmilk for my newborn.
    When you ladies pump, when did you do it? Was it before a feed, after a feed or between feeds? And when you pumped, did you pump yr breasts dry and completely empty?

    Currently I pump before each feed to soften my breasts. I store this milk but as am wondering if its worth if its just foremilk.
    I also pump after each feed to the point of emptying the breast and store this milk too. ( I thought that by emptying the breast, I can get as much hindmilk as possible). I dun know if this is causing oversupply though, cause my breasts get so engorged and painful between feeds (My newborn feeds every 2 hrs.).

    How does one store breastmilk for further usage via pumping without causing an imbalance in supply? I want to store bmilk for my newborn as I will be away from her for a month in 3 mths time, yet it seems that pumpg is making my supply go into overdrive!

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    Default Re: When to pump milk?

    Yes. What you are doing is causing an oversupply.

    How old will your baby be when you need to be away for a month? Is there any way you can take baby with you?
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