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Thread: Suddenly very short nursing sessions???

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    Default Suddenly very short nursing sessions???

    My DS is about 3.5 months old. His typical nursing habits have been every 1.5-2 hours feeding for at least 15 min per side, often much longer.

    Today, quite suddenly, he has been nursing only 3-7 minutes per side. He pulls off the breast and either falls asleep, or smiles at me or just lies there calmly looking at nothing until I switch sides. I try to coax him back onto the same breast when he does this but usually he won't take it. He's not acting fussy or frustrated when this happens. I think he is nursing about as frequently as usual, or maybe a tiny bit more often

    Again, this behavior just started today. I know some babies are super efficient nursers, but can they suddenly become that way overnight?? Or is something else going on?

    I should also mention that he has been sleeping thru the night (7-9 hours) since about 6 weeks. He is exclusively breastfed.

    Please tell me I should worry or not! We are about to leave on a 6 day trip to visit the in laws. The last thing I need is wacky nursing habits. :/

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    Default Re: Suddenly very short nursing sessions

    I wouldn't worry. They get quick. Once you get used to how they "are" they change. As long as wet diapers are ok, you are golden. If you had a hungry baby, mama, you would KNOW it.

    SSTN since 6 weeks?!?! LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yea, my nearly 2 year old should be up crying any minute now. Sigh. Or maybe not.

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    Default Re: Suddenly very short nursing sessions

    As long as diaper output remains normal, fast nursing is normal, too.

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