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    It's been about 3 days since I've been experiencing heavier than usual bleeding (I've posted a few days ago about this). The bleeding is on and off. I've noticed that when I'm not bleeding as heavy, my supply is better, but when I'm bleeding heavier, supply drops. I'm "listening" to my body and it's telling me that I do not make the milk as quickly as my son empties it.

    Today si at its lowest low. My son is definitely NOT satisfied with my output and has been screaming for lack of milk. I've been nursing and nursing...he makes a noise and I nurse him daya and night for the past few days now. I'm eating and drking and trying to rest. I have him co-sleeping with me. Pumping after he feeds, etc... In short, I tried everything I can think of - and under advisement from my lactation consultant. No improvement.

    After another screaming session this morning (half an hour ago), I gave in and have my Mom gave him an ounce and a half of formula - he down that in no time flat.

    I have a call into my Ob/GYN about my bleeding. I'm waiting to hear back from him.

    I'm beyond depressed about this whole thing. If I need to supplement - for the long run, please tell me I can still continue to breastfeed and supplement at the same time.

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    Can you get a SNS from your LC or OB? You can put formula on it, and he will get that while he nurses at the breast and it will satisfy him as well as stimulate your supply.

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    Default Re: Supply - Update

    Hi there! So sorry to hear about your situation. The postpartum experience really is a doozy, and it sounds as if you're having a rougher ride than most. But it also sounds like you are doing everything right- calling your OB, working with an LC, pumping, etc.

    I am sure you've read or heard this before, but the best indicator of whether or not your LO is getting enough milk from you is output of poop and pee. Here's what the La Leche website says on the subject of diapers: a baby should have "6-8 wet cloth diapers (5-6 wet disposable diapers) per day. (An easy way to feel the weight of a wet disposable diaper is to pour 2-4 tablespoons of water in a dry diaper.) In addition, most young babies will have at least two to five bowel movements every 24 hours for the first several months, although some babies will switch to less frequent but large bowel movements at about 6 weeks. A baby that is sleeping rather than feeding every 2-3 hours or is generally lethargic may need to be assessed by a health care provider to make sure that he is adequately hydrated."

    It's possible your LO is going through a growth spurt, perhaps earlier than the books suggest? That keeps a baby on the breast night and day until your supply catches up with the baby's demand.

    Also, is there a pattern to your LO's crying? Many babies have an "unhappy hour", usually in the evenings. My daughter would cry nonstop from 7 until 11 o'clock. It's not necessarily a sign that the baby isn't getting enough to eat.

    I know I used to wish that I had transparent boobs with ounce markers on the side so I could see the milk leave my body and enter my daughter's. What really helped me was renting a professional scale from my LC. (It cost $3 a day.) I would weigh my daughter before and after feedings, and that way I could really see the amount of milk that had been transferred, without needing freaky see-through breasts!

    If you feel as if your LO isn't getting enough, and everything you do to increase your supply isn't working, you can absolutely without-a-doubt still breastfeed in addition to supplementing. Just make sure you breastfeed first and supplement second so that you get the most stimulation (causing you to produce more milk) and your baby gets mostly breastmilk, with formula as a top-off.

    Good luck, and keep in touch!

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    Default Re: Supply - Update

    Thanks for your words of encouragement. DS has been getting the normal 5 - 6 wet diapers, but his poopy diapers are less today than usual - just one so far - ussually he would have at least 3 by now (in a course of 12 hours - it's 1:30 pm EST right now).

    He's cranky since this morning's feeding (11 am) when he went through both breasts and they are still not satisfying him. So my Mom gave him an once and a half. Hes' cranky just now when I've just finished feeding him both breasts again and I don't think he's completely satisfied either.

    I'm going to limit supplementing for as long as I can - especially during the day when I have more stamina and energy. It's been like this for 3 days now - growth spurt? - maybe (hopefully). I'm holding out for as long as I can and for as long as he lets me. I don't mind nursing round the clock, but I don't want for him to "suffer" either.

    He's been gaining weigh fine - it's just recently we've been getting these problems (actually there seemed to be a new problem everyday!) I just want to make sure his weigh gain continue and not be stalled.

    Sorry this post is so long...
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