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    I think your first time in, there is a lot of doubt cast on to new Mom's. People make us doubt ourselves, regardless if we are actually having issues or not. If you leak you're "producing too much". If you don't you're "not producing enough". If baby is fussy there's "something wrong with your milk" and so on. Luckily by the time number 2 comes around, we know better than to listen and we trust ourselves, along with our bodies.

    I think it's a symptom of not having the community at large who is knowledgeable of breastfeeding. If you were surrounded by women of all ages and all stages who had breastfed, any goofy advice or insights would quickly be dismissed by everyone around you. Since we don't, we often get pulled in by these well-intentioned (or not) comments and create issues where there often were none. Hopefully, as we all return to what our bodies were meant to do, we'll all be able to reinforce the natural (although challenging) relationship going forward.
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    Amen to that! :-) I think there is a huge move back to breastfeeding. The hospital I had my DD in is very pro breastfeeding, they even asked me if I wanted to give her a paci when first had her and I said, "I don't know", and they said, "do you plan to breastfeed", and I said, "yes", and they said, "we won't give her one then". Plus there were lactation consultants you could meet with who would come to your room, and the nurses could help too. I was really supported and pleased with the whole experience. I was mad at the formula companies that send you home with a "gift bag" , of formula and coupons. We got a survey at our childbirth reunion class that asked how influential the samples of formula were in stopping or not breastfeeding, and it made me wonder, plus I have read somewhere else that some hospitals are phasing out giving formula samples to take home, which is wonderful!!!! It just makes me so mad that these formula companies want you to have some formula sitting around your house. I was 150% committed to breastfeeding and I was tempted in the early beginning, because I just didn't know any better.

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    I was expecting my second time to be a piece of cake. I had spent 4 years on this forum giving advice to new moms, most based on the numerous issues I had with my first. I thought I knew it all. I was completely wrong. My son showed me all the issues I missed with my first and a few I had never even thought of. But what I had on my side the second time was the experience of where to find the answers and these wonderful llladies I came to call friends. I was armed with resources and knew that the word of some nurse in a hospital wasn't all there was.
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    I am not sure where to post this, but I was just wondering if second child breastfeeding after succesfully breastfeeding the first is the norm, or does it just depend, like everything else :-). I was also curious if you have more milk since your body maybe "knows" what to do now, or if your milk was about the same or even less? I asked my Doctor and she said that almost always a mom who has breastfed her first baby can feed her second one as well. I tend to go with what you ladies have experienced and seen, so I just wanted your take. Oh, and I am not pregnant, but I do want a second baby, but not for a while :-). Anyway, thanks!
    I would agree that many moms find baby number 2 easier to breastfeed, and easier in general. I suspect this is largely because mom now feels experienced and trusts herself more, has learned what is normal and what is not in a newborn and does not see problems where there are none, or, their first exp was so dissatisfying they are bound and determined to make it work with baby number 2 and seek help earlier rather than later. Often a mom who had a very unhapppy experience with baby number one will come to a meetings or call me when pregnant to talk out her previous experience and get some suggestions on what she can do differently this time.

    ON the other hand, I talk to moms who are experiencing their first bfding issues with baby 2, 3, 4-, even once a mom called for the first time about her 7th baby! If a serious breastfeeding issue such as tongue tie is going to crop up, it can happen anytime.

    But the difference is, these moms know that they are capable of breastfeeding. So they are almost always 'succesful' in what they want to do even when facing big challenges. And this is the messsage I try to give moms-biologically, breastfeeding is the normal way to feed a baby. This is what all mommies and babies are made to do. Throughout history, mothers have breastfed under all kinds of circumstances and issues. So many moms overthink (or are encouraged to overthink) breastfeeding. Inherent low milk supply (rather than created, such as, by sceduling) is NOT a common issue. A good latch just means it does not hurt and baby is getting enough milk, it does not matter how it looks. A mom can position herself to nurse any way she and baby are most comfortable. With extrememly rare exceptions, all mothers are capable of making plenty of milk and nursing their babies comfortably for as long as they want. If first time moms had this knowledge & confidence in thier own bodies, and were not undermined all over the place in their desire to breastfeed , there would be many more babies breastfed for longer.

    I have to plug our book again, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (8th edition, 2010) This is a cheap baby shower gift any mom who is even thinking about breastfeeding will reap untold benefits from.

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