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Thread: Weaning or not?

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    Default Weaning or not?

    my DS is just over a year old. I have been nursing him exclusively until about a month ago when he just did not seem happy when we would finish both breasts. So I would give him water in a sippy cup. I have since also given him some cows milk in a sippy cup. He gulps this down like he is starving.
    So I have more regularly been giving him cows milk during the day with meals and then in the morning and at night I nurse him. I think it is more for comfort especially at night to calm down and go to sleep. Especially this week, he is sick and seems to be happy to nurse more often.

    I am ok with this schedule and the way things are. My question is how long do I do this? Until he does not show interest in the time or two per day? My goal was 18 months, if it is before then I am ok with that. I only BF my first until 5 months when I had surgery to remove my gallbadder and did not seek out help with getting my milk supply back up. I know better and was prepared to get help the second time around should I need to. I did much better with the second and loved knowing I had LLL to help out if I needed them!

    So for those of you with 1 year olds or even a little older 18 months, if you are still nursing how is that going, how often, are you giving them other things?

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    Default Re: Weaning or not?

    Mine is 17 MO, he nurse more frequently than yours and I'm planning to follow his lead. The question is how would you feel if he wants to continue nursing past your goal, are you going to be OK with that? You need to do what feel comfortable for you, considering your LO's needs of course. You can use a not offering the breast but not saying no when he ask approach, or try distracting him with something to see if he forgets about nursing. There's not a proper time to wean, it all depend on the nursing couple.

    So for those of you with 1 year olds or even a little older 18 months, if you are still nursing how is that going, how often, are you giving them other things?
    Mine nurse very frequently, I haven't count how many times, also it depends on how he feels and what are we doing that day, when he's very entertained he tends to forget about nursing. He does drink cow's milk but not on a daily basis, it's and every now and then thing, well he does get it on his morning cereal at least three times a week. And he does have a very good and varied appetite.

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    Default Re: Weaning or not?

    I am away from my DD during the workday. She Bfs about 3-4 times per day (in the evening and early morning hours), sometimes more on weekends.
    At 14 months+, she also drinks some whole fat cow’s milk during the day and eats mostly “table” foods. We just try to give her and DS a well-balanced diet like we try to eat ourselves, (low in refined sugar and trans fats, high in whole grains, lean proteins, healthy fats, fruits and veggies). Sometimes most of it ends up on the floor though!
    I agree with Mami Kathy, it is just your choice as to when you want to encourage weaning and how you want to do it. I do not have a plan, I’m just going with the flow for now although I’m starting to consider trying to wean her off of one of the nighttime “snacks.”
    I know it sounds selfish, but I would like to get to a point where someone else can get her to sleep at night. This used to be an option when she was still taking a bottle several months ago, but not anymore. Although I’m not going to force the issue, I have been trying to get her to sleep at night without “nursing her down." Last night I Bfed her in her room in our nursing chair, and just kept talking to her etc. to keep her awake and eventually unlatched her and asked her if she would like to read a story before going to bed. (She doesn’t say much yet but her language recognition is good.) So that’s what we did and it worked out well.


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