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Thread: Guess I'll start this here party... :P

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    Hello, all! My name is Eve and I am the mother of Eirik, 3 years old, and Eiden, 1 year and a month. Both are nursing.

    Our relationship has evolved and continues to ebb and flow. I've heard the child-led weaning can be guided by mom, like introducing limits and suggesting ending the nursing relationship, versus the notion that CLW means totally hands-off by mom. I have also heard other mothers who nursed older toddlers/children say that sometimes they were hesitant to say their child was "weaned", even if he/she hadn't nursed in months, b/c they never knew when that particular child would ask to nurse again! I guess I might be looking forward to a "two steps forward, three steps back" approach to child-led weaning. Great to be here among other mothers who are choosing to honor their children and themselves in their breastfeeding and other relationships!

    One article that introduced some ideas I found helpful in topics related to EN:


    Cheers and see ya round these boards!


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    Hi! I'm Melissa. I'm currently nursing my 27-month-old ds and will begin tandem nursing any day now, once dc2 decides to make an appearance.

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