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Thread: After baby's 1st birthday, which milk?

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    Default After baby's 1st birthday, which milk?

    My son has been nursing exclusively for almost one year and I am looking for a little direction regarding what milk people prefer to include after one year. While I will continue to nurse at night and whenever possible, I would like to reduce the pressure of pumping all the time to leave bottles for him when we are apart. I have 3 other children ( 2 toddlers and a tween) who I'd love to be able to dedicate more of my mommy time to- although I'd love to nurse him exclusively for 2-3 years, it's too much for my lifestyle and other children.
    My 3 year old loves goat milk. My 2 year old loves coconut milk ( not canned- its organic by So Delicious sold at Whole Foods). My husband drinks flax milk and almond milk... We have quite a milk variety!!
    I'd love to hear what other moms did when they reduced their Breastfeeding sessions....thank you in advance for your help. Happy holidays....

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    Default Re: After baby's 1st birthday, which mil

    My ds nursed enough after 1 year that I didn't have to give him any milk. He either had water or my milk. I think that 2-3 times a day will give him the nutrition he needs from milk if you don't want to give any. I would just look on the nutrition facts and see what is healthiest. Or why not let him try all kinds of milk?

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    Default Re: After baby's 1st birthday, which mil

    You don't have to continue pumping past age one. As long as you are still nursing 3-4 times per day you don't need to replace the milk with anything. However, if you'd like to replace it I'd say just try different kinds and see what he likes. My daughter wouldn't drink milk so she just had water and a variety of solids in addition to nursing.
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    Default Re: After baby's 1st birthday, which mil

    Yeah, no need to introduce another type of milk unless you want to. I am a SAHM but I am sure I wouldn't if I was still nursing at home. In fact even if you are nursing less than 3-4 times a day, baby can get calcium from other dairy products like yogurt, cheese, etc.
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