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Thread: airplane trip.. need advice.

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    Default airplane trip.. need advice.

    Hi Mamas'

    Happy Holidays!!

    So in 2 days we are flying 2 flights to get to CA from MO. She is 11 months old and perfect. I haven't flown with her yet and have been told to have her sucking while we take off.

    We mostly bf and she doesn't drink from a sippy cup or anything else. I have finger foods for her to snack on and will try to get her to bf although she doesnt normally bf when i want her to. So i dont know what to do. Also if she is asleep would that hlp with ears popping?

    So i needed some advice for her little ears not to pop. if you also have any other advice on keeping her entertained then i would be grateful.

    thanks for reading...


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    Default Re: airplane trip.. need advice.

    I have flown a lot with my DS, but he's not quite as old/big as yours... which does change things. We always nurse on the take off and the landing (and when I am lucky, he stays latched and sleeps the whole flight). That would by my preferred way to do it, since it's the easiest for us. But, if that doesn't work for you, what about having her suck on something else? Does she take a pacifier? If she's sleeping, I would leave her alone - but be prepared to help if she wakes up because her ears bother her.

    Other tips - make sure you bring more diapers than you think you'll need - just in case you have a delay. Also, I like to use zip lock bags to put the diapers in when there is not a garbage can handy.

    It's also good to have some new-ish toys. That might keep her more entertained than something that she's used to always playing with.

    When you go through security, make sure you are wearing easy shoes to slip off and on. Also, if you'll be travelling alone, it helps to have pants that slip off easy, in case you have to go to the bathroom when holding her!

    Good luck!
    ~ Megan

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    Default Re: airplane trip.. need advice.

    If you baby wear, it's much easier to wear them while dealing with these shenanagins. Although, they won't let you wear the baby through security. Not sure if you LO walks. Mine didn't til closer to 14 months. Don't be surprised if some lame brain tells you to make the baby walk through security alone. Anyway...

    If you are traveling with expressed breastmilk print out the TSA guidelines. http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/airtrav...n/formula.shtm They are and don't know their own rules. They may hassle you. Stand firm, mama.

    My, I am a potty mouth tonight. I detest air travel!

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    Default Re: airplane trip.. need advice.

    Thank you so much mamas, we are packed and ready to go in the next few moments

    wish us luck... happy holidays everyone

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