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Thread: Are there mother's helper's in the UK?

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    Default Are there mother's helper's in the UK?

    I read of this suggestion on here and wondered if there were any?

    Also, is anyone on here from the North-West?

    "If you're really feeling burnt out and resentful, one thing to try is a mother's helper. Young girls, age nine or ten, and up, can often be found in your community, to entertain your baby while you are in the house, so you can rest or get some things done. The baby can be brought to you to breastfeed when needed. These young ladies can be surprisingly maternal and responsible. And babies often love them to pieces, since they're so playful.:"

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    Default Re: Are there mother's helper's in the U

    Do you have any neighbors with children? You could see if any of them want to babysit. That is all a mother's helper is.

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