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Thread: Bfing and ovulation---

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    Question Bfing and ovulation---

    Help! I am breastfeeding my 22 month old, just before naps and bedtimes. I finally resumed menstruation 2 months ago (after night weaning). I was told to expect an anovulatory phase the first month, but during my last cycle based on my BBT I don't think I ovulated. Is this even possible, and does it have to do with breastfeeding? We are TTC and I am not quite ready to wean yet, but am afraid I may have to if this continues. Has anyone else experienced this? I called my OBGYN, and they basically said they can't do anything until my son is completely weaned.

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    It's possible to have several anovulatory cycles at any time, so it may or may not be related to BFing. I'd give it a bit more time to work out Your hormones are still sorting themselves out.

    You could try reducing the total number of sessions and see if that helps, if your toddler will allow it But it varies so much. I had to cut to nursing just a few times a day to get pregnant again after my first baby (and then lost that baby several months in)m and then my last baby was a complete surprise; I shouldn't have been able to get pregnant on the day I did. I think my point is everyone is different, every TTC time is different, and you just have to see what works for you.

    Some mamas here have used vitex to help with ovulation while breastfeeding.
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    Yes, it could be a little longer before you start ovulating again, or it's possible BBT measurements could not be reliable if you're not getting regular sleep etc. What charting method are you using, if you don't mind me asking?
    Is your little one nursing at night?
    I believe I had about 3 months of anovulatory cycles after DD1 and DD2.
    You might also find this information helpful:
    Do I need to wean to get pregnant?


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    I didn't ovulate my first several cycles while breastfeeding. Maybe give it another month. You are still going through a lot of changes.
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    I got pregnant with DD2 while DD1 was still nursing 5-6 times per day so it may not be related to the nursing. I would give it another month or two and be sure you are very careful about the charting. Are you having other fertility signs, cervical fluid etc? Good luck!
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