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Thread: 13 1/2 months old allergic to breastmilk

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    Question 13 1/2 months old allergic to breastmilk

    three days ago, my 13 1/2 months old baby has developed some white raised rash on his torso. the next day, it became red and spread all over his body including his face. we went to the doctor and she said that my baby has is allergic to my breast milk (I've been breastfeeding him since birth) since i ate plenty of shrimp. is this possible? i've been giving him antihistamine oral solution for 2 days now (the doctor prescribed). today i just notice that his eyes are swollen, red and teary. i really don't know what to do pls help.
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    That's intesting! I suppose a shellfish allergy is a possibility in this case, but I wouldn't accept an off-the-cuff diagnosis like the one you were given without a lot of additional testing. I mean, what if it's not the shrimp, but rather some other food that you ate? Or what if it's not an reaction to someone you ate, but to something else in the environment? It could be a new detergent, it could be dust mites, it could be a virus, really it could be anything and you don't know unless you see an allergist.

    That being said, I assume that you've cut all shellfish out of your diet for now? I would expect that after 3 days most of the troublesome proteins would have left your milk, and continuing to nurse would not be a problem, provided you weren't continuing to consume them.

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    My 15 month old recently developed a similar rash. We thought it was something she ate, but we finally figured out it was from a new dress I put on her that I did not wash first. Prior to this I've never put new clothes on her without running them through the laundry first.
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    It could even be stuff in the air. I would highly doubt it's your milk though. DD1 had this happen a few times, usually in the fall and only for a few days. Dr, thought it was probably something in the air in the fall causing it. We just give her benadryl and usually in a few days it's over.

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