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Thread: 2nd Time Around....

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    Question 2nd Time Around....

    Ok, so my daughter is a year and a half old. When i had her, i did feed her within the hour of giving birth, but the pain that came with nursing her was excrushiating, as a mother this was devastating, an experience that was supposed to be wonderful and bonding would have me sobbing the entire time. I would pump as well, but it just seemed like my daughter never got enough milk, i would never produce very much, so i would try to let her nurse, even though it was so painful, eventaully had to start supplementing with formula (i was devastated about this) I was only able to get up to 2 oz of milk every 2 hours pumping and i would mix it with the formula, i did that until she was 6 weeks old and at that point my milk supply was drying up because i was only pumping, because after having a bottle, she would obviously no longer take the nipple at all. My husband and i even tried to get my milk supply up by letting him nurse (not politically correct to most people, please do not leave nasty comments) We were desparate to try anything, but since he was working full time, he was obviously not here enough to allow me to get enough supply up. So that didnt work.

    I'm going to cut to the chase and just say that i just had our 2nd child, and he is a nursing champ, everything is going wonderful and my milk is in full demand, and i find myself even over producing/soaking shirts, etc.!! My question is, since my daughter was not able to nurse for very long, would it be ok to start giving her breastmilk throughout the day (since i have a lot of extra!) I do believe i am producing plenty enough to start saving/freezing it.. i would LOVE to be able to give my daughter the nutrition of having breastmilk, but i wasn't sure exactly how it would affect her, if its too late, and how long would i be able to give it to her (a year? as i plan to nurse my son for a year or more) I know its not exactly politically correct, but i was devastated that she would not be able to get the amazing benefits of breastmilk, and now that there is potential of allowing her to have it, should i do it? Any/All input would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    If she will drink it My toddlers, after not drinking mother's milk for a period of time, think it tastes yucky, and that is a quote

    However, sounds like you have a severe oversupply. And pumping will make it WORSE. And pumping can make you have an over active letdown, which may bother your nursling. Oversupply has its own set of problems, and pumping always makes it worse.

    So...proceed with major caution.
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    with the PP, as usual. You want to be cautious about over-pumping and making an oversupply situation worse.

    It's fantastic that you want to give your older child your milk, though. A lot of women here have nursed their older children, some until those children are 2, 3, or 4 years old. So no-one here is going to be shocked if you give your toddler your milk! Who cares if it's in a cup or a bottle rather than straight from the tap?

    And finally, I just want to say that I am sorry you had such a rough time nursing your first baby. Sometimes it just doesn't go as planned. It's awesome that you tried so many different things and tried so hard to make it work. I think it's great that your husband tried to help you out! Not too many people will take their quest for improved milk supply that far, and it proves just how dedicated you both were.

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    DD1 drank my pumped milk for about 8 mths when DD2 was a baby. I just didn't feel like freezing so much and she liked it. She started at 2.5 yrs and had it till after 3 yrs. It did plump her up though, she gained about 7 lbs in 6 mths, lol! Her ped had no problem with that when I told her why.
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