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    I know there is a special place to post this but I always get faster responses here

    Anywho, My wonderful son is almost 6months! He seems REALLY interested in eating what everyone else is eating and grabs for everything he sees. I was planning on doing bls but I think the only reason why I was going down that road was because of my fear. My fear that he will start solids and either decide he no longer wants or needs me or that he will drop a feeding. I know that if I feed him solids it should be after he nurses and not before but I am still afraid. I guess I just want some reassurance

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    I felt the same way. Just remember you can start slow. He doesn't have to be eating 3 square meals a day from the get go or anything. Just try once a day so he can have some fun (you will too I bet!). Its more about him figuring out tastes and textures and picking food up, swallowing, etc.

    After awhile solids are a great thing! Snacks for example, great for going out, helps tide them over before its time to nurse again. Its fun to be able to go out to eat and let them entertain themselves with food.

    We're only now just dropping feedings, and its me who decides to drop them! So solids doesn't necessarily mean you will drop all feedings at once and wean.
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    Glowworm definitely considers solids an addition rather than a substitute in his diet. He still nurses all the time but woe to anyone in the house who dares to eat anything without sharing with him. And yes, the ability to give snacks and entertain him while I am eating is great.

    On a more fundamental level, it is hard and exciting at the same time every time our little ones get more "independent." That being said, even when your lo starts dropping feedings or even weans, he will still need you--but just in a different way.
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    My little guy LOVE solids but he still loves to nurse, too. Its been really fun seeing what foods he likes and which ones he could care less about. He is about 8 months and I would say he has dropped maybe one feeding, maybe. He is so happy when he's nursing, though, so I am not worried at all.

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