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    Unhappy sore nipples

    I have been breast feeding since my daughter was born 4 weeks ago. I have experienced in this time breast engorgement, cracked nipples and blistered nipples. Last monday I began to get pain during and after feeding. I seen the out of hours GP who prescribed miconazole. The pain did resolve after using nipple sheilds and the treatment. Yesterday I breastfed without the sheilds but continued to apply the gel. Today however I have started to get pain again. I am confused whether the pain is due to poor attachement or nipple thrush. I have been attending a breast feeding support group weekly and when there I have no problems attaching. I begining to feel that I will always feel pain when feeding, has anyone else experienced this??? Its really getting me down

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    A lot of us here have experienced breastfeeding problems in general, and nipple pain specifically, so you're not alone. Nipples can be sore for several reasons. If it's due to latching issues, you are likely to see some evidence of that in the nipple shape after breastfeeding. A shallow latch (common, I think, in newborns with their tiny mouths), results in a nipple that has the shape of a new tube of lipstick with a crease down the sides. You want your nipple to come out of baby's mouth looking perfectly cylindrical. You can also see evidence of a poor latch in baby's mouth shape. Ideally, the lips would be flanged out and the jaw would be open wide.

    Sore nipples can also result from baby having a tongue tie and from thrush (as you know.)

    As you try to figure out how what is causing the sore nipples, make sure you are treating them. Apply some lanolin or other nipple cream after feedings. Make sure to let the nipples air out a couple times a day. If they are damaged and sticking to your bra or rubbing on your shirt, you could try using breast shells (different from shields; these were very helpful to me) or soft disposable nursing pads treated with lanolin (the cloth pads always stuck to my nipples. ) If it's a latch problem, try varying your nursing position so that baby's tongue isn't always irritating to same part of your nipple.

    It can take awhile to sort out what is causing pain, but it's totally worth it. It took me about 12 weeks to be able to nurse without crying and curling my toes in pain. It took 7 months before I could nurse without wincing a little bit. Now DD is 15 months and I nurse (usually) pain-free. Most moms get this sorted out much faster than I did, though. I usually hear people say there's a 6-8 week learning period and then it gets much easier. You're almost there!

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    Good advice from the PP. Was your baby treated for thrush while you were being treated? Both mama and baby must be treated, even if one member of the nursing pair is asymptomatic.

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    Thanks for the great advice feeding has significantly improved. Now feeding mostly from breast pain free.

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