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Thread: Sudden Decrease in Milk Supply - 16 Weeks

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    Default Sudden Decrease in Milk Supply - 16 Weeks

    My son will be 16 weeks old this Sunday, and I have been back at work for nearly 10 weeks.

    Until yesterday, my supply has been consistent. I pump 3x/day while at work, and typically take home between 14-17oz for the next day. He has on average 13-15oz while I'm at work, so thankfully I have a little extra in the fridge. Yesterday and today I needed to add an extra pumping session to barely get enough to take home - yesterday I only produced 12oz, and today, only 11oz.

    I am beginning to get a little concerned...

    When I am home, I nurse him twice in the evening, once in the middle of the night, and twice in the morning before work.

    I also take 2 fenugreek pills each morning, and have oatmeal with a teaspoon of brewer's yeast and a teaspoon of flax. I generally eat healthy, and drink plenty of water.

    Hopefully this is just a phase, and I'll go back to producing the normal amount of milk each day. But, is this normal to see a decrease in supply at 16 weeks? Is there anything else I can do to increase my supply?

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    Default Re: Sudden Decrease in Milk Supply - 16 Weeks

    It's very common for a momwho is working and relying on pumping to see a decrease in pump output as time goes on. Unfortunately, pumping typically doesn't maintain supply as well as nursing does, in part because it's rare for a mom to be able to pump as frequently as her baby would nurse if they were together. Here are some things to try toincrease pump output:
    - Pump more often- if this is not feasible at work, you may need to pump after nursing when home with your baby
    - Pump for longer
    - Use a better pump- you should be using a good double electric at a minimum, and may want to consider renting a hospital-grade pump if you continue to have difficulty filling bottles
    - Make sure your current pump is in tip-top condition- you may want to replace replaceable parts
    - Try different sizes of breast shields, as a different size may improve stimulation and yield
    - Try combining pumping with massage, relaxation techniques like deep breathing, and potential letdown triggers like the scent of your baby's clothing or drinking a glass of water

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    Default Re: Sudden Decrease in Milk Supply - 16 Weeks

    How much is baby nursing when you are at home together? Does he sleep a long stretch at night? If so, you might want to try "dream feeding" him (ie nursing while he's asleep) - the combination of long nighttime stretches and workday pumping can adversely affect supply. And definitely trouble-shoot the pump. Also, could your period be coming on? It's not uncommon to see a supply dip leading up to your period, which then rebounds a couple days into the period. I've definitely had times when my pump output dropped dramatically, only to get my period a few days later. Any new hormonal birth control or pregnancy? Those can also decrease supply, as can a few over the counter meds (eg Sudafed).

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    Default Re: Sudden Decrease in Milk Supply - 16 Weeks

    This can be any hormonal reason: ovulation, period, pregnancy, etc. If any of the first two are to blame, increasing nursing won't really help too much - you just have to wait till the hormones shift again.

    Do you feel any difference in your letdowns?
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