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    So I have been EBF DD2 for 3 and a half months now. She has never had a bottle DD1 will be 3 in a month and today as she was playing with her dolls she said, "Oh no she's really hungry! She needs some milk!" She then lifted up her shirt and put her doll to her chest. It made me smile

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    It's so sweet when they do that! My toddler- who is still an enthusiastic nurser- puts her baby dolls under her shirt and goes "num-num-num".

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    When I had DD2, I had told DD1 I didn't have any more milk left, before DD2 was born. So then when DD2 was born, DD1 said, well since you don't have any milk left I guess I will have to use my boobies, and lifted up her shirt. She was all of 4 years old. So you can imagine the laugh I had! lol

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    Hahahah how cute!

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    Love it.

    My 2 year old niece is so enthralled when I nurse W. She now knows what boobies are. When my sister gets her up she will put her hand on her and say "BOOBIES" all excited.

    The last family gathering when I got done nursing I took off my nursing cover and hung it on the back of the chair. The next thing we knew she was wearing it with her baby wrapped in it. I asked her what she was doing and she said "baby eat"

    Puts a big smile on my face.
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    I just love reading these kind of posts, My 7yo *still* feeds her dolls that way
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    Love it! I get so irritated when I see the dolls with the little bottles that kids are supposed to feed it. Not that bottles are necessarily evil, but societal training starts really early and we may as well show our kids how babies are supposed to be fed.

    And Christmas shopping this morning I saw a baby doll with a bottle and a crib. I guess breastfeeding, co-sleeping dolls wouldn't need the extra toys, so manufacturers wouldn't make as much money. And can you imagine the pictures on the packaging?

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    That's so sweet. My daughter has started trying to nurse her stuffed camel.

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    The other day at the pediatrician's office, DD2 was fussing a bit while I was signing in. My three year old announced VERY LOUDLY to the receptionist, "We need to nurse (my youngest DD's name) right now!" LOL! Couldn't have been prouder! I want her to know this is completely natural and the best thing she can do for her children one day. It's up to us to set the example! And your stories totally made me smile!

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