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Thread: long weekend

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    my in-laws have invited us to go skiing with them in colorado for a long weekend-- thursday thru sunday. my husband really wants to go, but i am a little hesitant. my ds will have just turned 1. he is still nursing pretty regularly and doesn't eat a lot of solids yet (he is 10.5 mo). i can tell that he wants to eat, but when i give him something he eats one bite and throws the rest on the floor. basically my question/concern is that i still want to continue bf and if i do go i would for sure bring my pump-- but how often would i have to pump? what if ds doesn't want to nurse when i get back? i have never left him overnight before. this is so silly... i should be jumping at the chance to go. i know i would have fun, but i don't want to lose my supply or have LO wean while i am gone. any advice? i would love to bring him, but i don't really feel comfortable putting him in the "daycare" they offer at the resort-- seems a little weird to me. TIA

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    If it were me, I would take him, and sit out the skiing days at the lodge, playing in the snow, or sledding down shallow hills, or alternate with my husband taking care of him (you could surely get a run in between needing to nurse). I wouldn't leave him at home. To me, a vacation where I have to pump constantly isn't much of a vacation. If you really wanted to go, that would be one thing, but you sound reluctant, and I would be too! The idea that you should be "jumping at the chance" to leave your child ... well, some moms might, but I know I wouldn't be! And I think that's okay.

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    What JoMo said. I know some mamas are jumping at the chance to "get away" from their babies, but I never have been.

    If you do go, and leave the baby, I think you'd want to aim to pump about as often as you would typically nurse, which by age one could be every hour or two or maybe as much as every 3-4 hours, depending on your baby. As to your baby weaning while you're away... Well, there's always that chance. That's why I think the safe course and potentially the more fun course would be to bring the baby along!

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    Ita with both pps

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    I don't blame you one bit for how you are feeling. I didn't leave DD1 until she was 18 months and already weaned. (She self weaned at 13 months ) I would be leary of the daycare too but I am paranoid haha. You could always do some more research into it. Your son might really like it. I'd say your options are to bring him with you or not go. My guess would be, at a year, he'd self wean while you are away if you leave him

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    I feel the same way. I have never went on a vacation with out my kids, and really don't see that happening for a long time in the future. My oldest is 5 and she just last summer went for the first time on a vacation with my parents with out me. First time ever. She did great my parents said. But, we also live with them, so she is pretty used to being around them daily. lol But, still I would take your LO with you and do what was suggested. That's what I do. I've always done that though. Even before having babies. I always volunteered to stay back with my younger siblings who couldn't do the big things like that. I remember always taking them to do the baby things while my parents did the other things with the big kids. (I'm the oldest). That's just always been my personality though.

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    Is it possible to have someone else come with you to babysit for a few hours at a time? I agree with the PPs that it would easier to bring him with you.
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    with pp. I did however go on a womens spiritual retreat when DD #2 was about 2yo, I brought my pump and used it about 4x a day and 1x in the middle of the night ( I was just gone fri-sun) I hoped she would still want to nurse when I returned, and she did, for the first few days it was like haveing a newborn Guess she really missed her *bubbies* We BF til she was almost 4yo. Good luck

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    If it's possible to bring baby I'd bring him.
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    My son will be 6 on Thurs. We are planning his first over night away the day after Christmas with my Step mom. I wouldn't have left my 1 year old nursling alone over night with any one for anything. I don't think it's silly.

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