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Thread: Mom with Stomach Flu

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    Default Mom with Stomach Flu

    Looking for advice on re-establishing milk supply.
    I am a working, breastfeeding mom of an almost 8 month old. I have had the stomach flu the past 2 days. I seem to be recovering, but my milk supply seems shot. I usually pump 8-12 oz. the first time in the morning, today it was 2 oz!
    I am trying to push liquids and starting to eat (sooner than I would normally).
    Any suggestions much, much appreciated!
    p.s. He is my third EBF kid. I have no intention of not making it for another 4-6 months with him...but, I've got to convince my body to get some milk back fast!

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    Default Re: Mom with Stomach Flu

    Sorry you were sick, mama! The best thing you can do when you're trying to bring back lost supply is to remove milk frequently and completely. If you're exclusively nursing, you can rely on the baby to do that for you by nursing more often and draining the breast more thoroughly when he nurses. If you're pumping, you have to mimic that pattern using the pump, by pumping more often and for longer. You may need to add in some sessions at night, or after your baby nurses when you are with him, and it may take a while to get your supply back to where you want it. I have to say that 8-12 oz is an ENORMOUS amount of milk to pump, even first thing in the morning, so it may take some time to get back to that level.

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    8-12 oz at one time...amazing. I agree with mommal. I also took Mother Milk suppliments to boost my supply for a few days.
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    Thanks re: supply. I make a lot of milk (have with all 3 kids). Been very fortunate with that - just a bummer to lose so much when I got sick. I'll try to supplements and more time on pump and breast to re-supply. Trying the oatmeal route too (for what it's worth, at least I like it and seems palatable to my stomach right now!). Much appreciated!

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    Ugh. Stomach viruses are the WORST! Sorry you got it. The same thing happened to me in regards to supply with a stomach virus a few years ago. After I was able to eat/drink normally, it came right back. I'd give it a few days, maybe some extra pumping sessions, and I'm sure you'll be fine. The Mother's Milk tea might help, as well, as PP said. Hope you feel better soon!
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