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Thread: what to do when sick

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    Default what to do when sick

    I have had a horrible upset stomach since yesterday morning. I feel awful and can hardly keep any food down. What should I be doing to ensure that my milk supply doesn't drop too much. I'm worried because my lo is a little guy and I've never had a huge supply or at least not any extra. Thanks for any advice.
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    Best things you can do are:
    1. Nurse on demand, even though you're feeling sick
    2. Do not supplement with pumped milk or formula
    3. Stay hydrated
    4. Wash your hands religiously (that's the best way to keep baby from getting sick)

    Hope you feel better soon!

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    Default Re: what to do when sick

    with PP. To add, when you are sick, your milk has antibodies to what you are infected with, so when you nurse you are helping your baby fight off the infection.
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    with both PP. Nurse as much as possible. And drink drink drink drink. Even if you have to drink sprite or ginger ale to help your stomach. Ginger tea could help too. Try gatoraid. Take 1 sip every 10 minutes. Good luck mama!

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