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Thread: What's an occasional alternative to BM?

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    Default What's an occasional alternative to BM?

    Every other week, I leave my [almost 9 month old] LO with a sitter for bowling league. We leave around 6:10 & he goes to sleep @ 7pm. He always gets a smallish bottle right before bed, but I feed him right before we leave too. Since there's no way I can pump once I leave, though, it eats into my freezer stash.
    With everything going on, I have neither the time nor the desire to pump extra outside of this to get a bottle ready for him, plus my pump stays at work these days. I am [99%] certain he doesn't need a feeding right before bed, but that's the routine, and I'm fine with it.


    What's the best thing to start giving him for his every-other-week-before-bedtime drink?
    I know not cow's milk yet.
    He's never had formula, but I have the newborn sample packages that come in the mail, or I could buy the non-newborn stuff.

    So far the only thing he's been drinking is BM and practices with a water sippy cup, but he doesn't drink it on a regular basis.

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    Default Re: What's an occasional alternative to

    I'd probably offer water, or maybe a bedtime snack of fruit/yogurt/cheese if he's eating those things without problems.

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    Default Re: What's an occasional alternative to

    I was going to say try a little bit of water, too. Or even try skipping the bottle and see how he does with it.
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    Default Re: What's an occasional alternative to

    I'd offer some solids. Or just use some freezer stash. Even though you aren't replenishing it, you are going to eventually need to use it up I stopped replenishing mine with my first baby around 9 months, but then I never used it up, and I ended up tossing all that milk out in the end.
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    Default Re: What's an occasional alternative to

    Could you try some oatmeal or rice? My son likes quinoa mixed with full fat yogurt and peaches.

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    Default Re: What's an occasional alternative to

    I don't pump much anymore. I leave Dylan 3 times a week while I work out with dh. I'm gone two to three hours. I nurse before leaving and dh gives him a sippy with water and snack of solids if he gets hungry. A nine month old baby can go a few hours without bm (or formula for that matter) and be tied over with solids/ water.
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    Default Re: What's an occasional alternative to

    I'd go solids and water

    Sweet potatoes are very filling and packed with nutrients. Avocados are also a great filling food.

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