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Thread: How to nap at daycare without nursing?

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    Default How to nap at daycare without nursing?

    My 13 month old DD will start day care on Feb 2012. She still nurses to nap (twice a day) and before bed time and during the nights. Other times she takes cow milk and solid (baby led solid). I don't know how to make her nap without my boobs My DH's tried several times to get her down for nap but it never works. She was waiting until I came back and gave her the boobs.

    I don't want to wean now, just want her to nap at day care without me, when she's with me I still want to breastfeed her. She'll go to day care two day a week.

    Any ideal how to do now? Thanks mamas.

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    Default Re: How to nap at daycare without nursin

    It has been my experience that the breastfeeding toddlers in daycares that I've worked at learned to nap without it at daycare, but still wanted to nurse whenever Mom was around. The first couple of days might be an adjustment, but I think with seeing all the other kids lying down around her, she'll get the idea that that's how naptime at daycare goes.

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    You don't have to wean. They adjust. They know that the people at daycare aren't Momma. It's a big of an adjustment, but they do it. They get them down. If you're there, they'll still want to nurse.
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