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Thread: SOS--Severe gas/abdominal pain, spit up

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    I'm also a vegetarian and I love to eat quinoa. It's high in protein and easy to prepare. You could also try to add in other types of nut butters, as long as they don't bother your LO.
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    This sounds so much like my son just a couple months ago. I also thought it was OALD/FMHM Imbalance. But after much research I decided to try the infamous Total Elimination Diet. My son had so many weird symptoms that I was desperate to see if maybe it was truly food sensitivities...He had poor sleep (woke up often crying and gassy during his day naps and night sleep), green and mucusy diapers, a faint rash on his torso, a red ring around anus (not quite a "daiper rash"), and FUSSINESS...sometimes I thought the fussiness was him straining to poop or pass gas but other times it was unexplained...I also noticed it was worse an hour after nursing. Our Pediatrician explained that all this was due to his silent reflux but I thought that there were too many weirdo symptoms so thus I began the diet. All I ate for 3 weeks was turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yellow zucchini, winter squash, rice, pears. It was brutal and hard but once I had all offending foods out of my system I noticed a MASSIVE improvement in my baby. fussiness was close to nothing, sleep was better, the faint rash and anal redness disapated, and diapers were slowly improving. For the full info you can go to http://www.askdrsears.com/topics/fee...imination-diet. I do recommend at least eliminating the major offenders if its too hard to adhere to such a strict diet. These would be : beef, chicken, soy, dairy, corn, eggs, wheat, peanuts, and tree nuts. Feel free to pm me with any questions or advice...I got help from a previous poster (kmanih) and support is important. Breastfeeding your baby is worth sacrificing certain foods...its not forever but the benefits of breastfeeding affect your baby the rest of his/her life!

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    I'm willing to try anything! My LO was showing significant improvement shortly after I cut both dairy and soy out of my diet a couple of weeks ago...but we had an unexplained bad episode tonight. Over the past few days, my LO, once again, has been spitting up significantly. His diapers have also been more green and mucousy...and stinky (in a different way). Along with this, he has been nursing more frequently - which I assume is because he has been spitting up so much of his intake. Aside from the spitting up and increased feeding schedule, he has been a happy baby. However, tonight he was anything but happy - in addition to the spitting up and wanting to feed more often, he began to show the telltale signs of food sensitivity (odd, since I haven't introduced anything different to my diet). He nursed so much over several hours, both breast were bone dry (eventually, he was screaming in hunger so we had to thaw out stored breastmilk for him). At this point family (to include my husband) and friends are telling me it would be best for my LO if I put him on formula. I'm frustrated as can be, as I know I'm doing the best thing for my LO by breastfeeding. I just need to figure out what I am doing to make this process so difficult on my LO. Maybe this elimination diet will be the solution I'm so desperately looking for. Thank you so much for the information! I am so thankful for the words of support I am receiving from you and the other members of this site, as I am not getting much support here at home =/.

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    Hi, i'm so sorry your son is having such a rough night! I just wanted to add that there might be more than one thing going on, which might explain the seeming randomness of his reactions. It could be both food sensitivities and reflux, for instance, so the rflux pain might not be influenced by what you eat. I hope you all get some relief soon!

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    Just wanted to offer support - seems you have tried everything & the hardest part is waiting for signs of improvement especially when others are not so encouraging of your decisions. Not everyone understands a nursing moms desire to continue nursing. More so those with no children or those who didn't nurse. Formula also has the same ingredients as those you are trying to eliminate (soy, dairy) & FF babies have gas & spit up, too! I would thing more as formula is shaken. Stay strong!

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    Another thing to consider with formula - hypoallergenic formula is really expensive! I have a friend whose daughter was formula fed & she is allergic to dairy & soy. The formula they had to get for her cost $10 a can and they used AT LEAST a can per day (this was when she was about 5 months old). So, maybe that little fact will help you get some more support for breastfeeding
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