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Thread: Bottle now I want to Breastfeed again

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    Ok so I have breastfed and formula fed since day one. at about 3weeks I was producing almost 5oz! but it hurt so bad that at 5weeks I started mostly formula feeding. Now she won't take my breast. Even when she is extremely hungry. Lastnight she wouldn't even take the nipple shield! I want to breastfeed. How do I get her back on my nipple now that it doesnt hurt?!?!

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    These links should help:

    Definitely try the skin-to-skin and instant reward techniques mentioned in the first link! They can be very helpful in luring a reluctant baby to take the breast.

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    ok i will check those sites out! thankyou

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    ^agree with mommal. I woudl add, that as you work on this, be patient with yourself and baby. Bringing a baby back to the breast can take time, but it can almost certainly be done. Celebrate every little step forward and don't stress if there is some backsliding.

    I think the hardest thing about these kinds of situations is that mom's confidence level can take a hit. So most of all, know that this refusal or reluctance to nurse is likely due to nipple and/or flow 'confusion' and has nothing to do with your baby "prefering" bottles or formula to your soft warm breast and your delicous milk. Babies are hardwired to nurse at the breast, so there is no way they 'prefer' anything else. They just get a bit offtrack sometimes.

    The articles cover this but it is very important to not wait until baby is hungry to offer the breast. Offer the breast (or just make it accesible) when baby is sleepy, dozing, relaxed, happy, etc.

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