I would like to start a new freezer stash as I took a break to get cow's milk protein out of my system. I was still on leave and would pump after my DS's first nap which I could count on to be at least an hour when he was younger. He's 11 wo now and some naps are only 45 min.

Anyway, I started back to work last week and work 2 days in the office and 3 at home. I was able to pump ~15 oz both days at work with 3-4 pumping sessions.

Here is my routine:

5 am I wake, shower, eat, prepare for day
6:15-6:30 DS wakes on own or I wake him
6:30-7:00 feed
7:15 in car to take to MIL's house
8:30 in office
9:30 pump
12:30 pump
4:00 pump
6:30 leave office
7:00 feed DS (hopefully, if my DH hasn't already)
7:30 bedtime

On my second day back to work I had to pump after he went to bed to make up an even 15 oz. I've read the thread about maximizing pumping and I'll try that at work.

If I want to start a freezer stash when the heck to I pump? Do I only pump on the days I'm working from home and on the weekends?