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Thread: Baby woke during pumping

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    You can do that, but just watch to make sure you aren't creating an oversupply problem, which can bother some babies quite a lot.

    Bear in mind you do NOT need a big freezer stash to go back to work. You just need a couple days' worth for the first few days while you get settled into pumping at work and in case you spil it or forget it at work. You should be able to pump what baby needs for the next day while at work. Most BF babies take 1 to 1.5 oz per hour of separation. Save any overage for your stash.
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    Are you saying that if I pump extra at work it could create an oversupply problem? I don't mean more sessions, just longer at the pump. This is so confusing but thanks for the responses.

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    It can. Mamas who respond well to pumping and who get overenthusiastic about using the pump sometimes end up making way more milk than they want or need. It's hard to strike the balance between having enough extra milk that you have a "cushion" for emergencies and so much that it's a problem in and of itself.

    Producing more milk can happen when you add in more pump sessions, or when you stick with the same number of sessions but increase the time you're pumping for. The key to making more milk is removing more milk and increasing stimulation to the breast, so both increasing frequency and increasing duration will do that for you.

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