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Thread: Fussy baby.....More of a vent

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    Default Fussy baby.....More of a vent

    I am a single Stay at home mom, I am very fortunate to have this opportunity! My daughter stays with my mom for 3 hours one day a week and after that she is with me ALL the time! Im not sure where I should post this and I going to apologize in advance for its length but, if anyone has any suggestions Id really appreciate it!! My daughter is EBF she will be 8 months on the 22nd and weights 19lbs 5oz. She is growing and advancing perfectly. She has 8 teeth which broke through at 3 months. She crawls, pulls herself up, has started drinking out of a sippy cup and starting to eat solids. I guess this is really more of just a vent but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Problem 1: Ever since she was born she NEVER sleeps and I really mean never sleeps I am lucky if she takes 2 twenty minutes naps and she wakes every 45min to 2 hours at night to nurse.

    Problems 2: I have started having to fight with her to get her to BF almost all the time even at night when she wakes up. (We do co-sleep and have even tried her sleeping in her own bed but since she just cried and cried no matter what I did.) She will eat some solids (really like the yo baby organic yogurt) and I give them whenever she wants them, but I can tell she wants to nurse but she wont at first.

    Problem 3: She cries ALL the timeokay well maybe 85% of the time! She is never seems fully content. If I am holding she never just sits or cuddle its always like a battle, she will push like she wants down but when I put her down she wants me to pick her up. She wont sit in her carseat, a bouncy, walker, johnny-jumper, activity saucer or even on the floor. And never mind just playing with her toys she is always she would rather be in your face fussy/crying. I baby wear all the time even though she still is fussy and crying.

    Solutions Ive tried. I have tried lavender, trying nursing her to sleep, music, white noise. Forget getting her to sleep in your arms and laying her back down she is a very very light sleeper. I have also tried a routine, bath, lotion rub downs. I can tell when she is hungry she signs for milk and head butts my chest (lol) but when I try to latch she will scream and cry and squirm I would say 95% of the time even if she awakes at night time. These two things I can handle but she cries all the time, maybe cry is a harsh word more like a whiny cry and sometimes a full cry that’s sounds like she is pissed off. I have had her checked for reflux but Dr said no but still tried zantac, grip water, elevation. I tried eliminating food groups including milk out of my diet to see if that would help but to no avail and she doesn’t show any other signs of a food allergy. And cut out caffeine and sugar, I mostly try to just use honey. I know there is so much more I have tried but Im not going to type everything.

    I am happy and love my daughter very much, Im not mad at her, I just feel bad, it makes me feel like something is wrong and I dont know what or how to fix it. I have discussed this topic many times with my mother who is a nurse and breastfed all three of her children and has had many foster kids and she agrees its me, that she is a very discontented baby.

    My last resort is that I have an appointment with a pediatric chiropractor to see if that may help. I have always been very skeptical but if it will make her feel better than I will try it!

    I just want her to feel better and not always be on edge!

    Thanks to all and again sorry for the length

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    Default Re: Fussy baby.....More of a vent

    I don't have much to offer, but I can tell you the night waking with that frequency is what happened with my daughter. Those darn teeth. Have you tried the teething tablets and/or Motrin piggybacked with Tylenol to see if she's got teething issues?

    FWIW, this sort of sounds like my behavior as a baby. I wasn't BF though. Turns out the formula I was on really upset my stomach. I can't tolerate cow's milk to this day without feeling like crap. I don't know much about elimination diets, but you said you tried to do milk and now she's eating the yogurt? Hummm...

    My daughter also napped really crappy like that at that age. It's only been in the last few months that she naps for a few hours at at time.

    You have my sympathies.

    Baby Girl Born 2/17/10 to her two mommies
    BF from day one. I looked up one day and realized I'm nursing a toddler!

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    Default Re: Fussy baby.....More of a vent

    I am sorry mama, that sounds very rough!

    My first daughter was what a lot of people now call "high needs", and what people used to call demanding. She was never content to sit on the floor and play by herself, and she was always changing her mind- pick me up! Put me down! No, pick me up again! Etc.

    I think it's probably a stage, teeth- something that is just a normal aspect of development. Have you tried distraction? At that age, going out every day was what got me and my daughter through. Just going to a big box store and wandering the aisles- it distracted her from her constant demands for whatever the heck it was she wanted. And often she would nap in the car on the way home, and I have found that my kids nap for HOURS in the car!

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    Default Re: Fussy baby.....More of a vent

    That sounds so rough! Does she not want to be held ever? Is she good when you walk around with her? How about when she is out in public? How is she in a stroller? Is she better outside than inside? How is she with your mother, does she act the same way?

    I see you said you tried getting her to sleep in her own bed and that she cried. Was it a plan you were following or just an attempt at something different? I am just asking because we had a rough time with my son because he didn't like cosleeping with us but also didn't know how to put himself back to sleep when he woke up alone so we had to go trough a little crying to get him to sleep better on his own. When he was in with us he had to be latched on or he wouldn't lay still. Now he sleeps in 5-8 hour stretches but it was hard to get there.

    Is there anything you do that does make her happy? I hope someone here can help you get some more contentedness out of your baby!

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    Default Re: Fussy baby.....More of a vent

    Oh my! This sounds 'EXACTLY like my son! He is pretty high needs but I also discovered a HUGE improvement by doing the following:

    1) I tried to give him plenty of activities to "tire him out". Then at the first sign of being tired (i.e. rubbing eyes, yawning) I would spend about 5-8 minutes of a calming routine where I would wash his hands and face with warm water, hold him and play soft music, keep the lights dim, perhaps rub a little lavender on his chest, nurse (not always all of those but 2 or 3 of those usually got him into sleepy mode) and then I would put him to sleep by rocking him in a padded stroller with a blanket and the canopy pulled over and white noise to eliminate any distractions. This was a HUGE success after trying for 4-5 days. In the beginning he resisted but once he picked up on the nap time cues he began to resist less and less...and less! It's worth a try because good day time naps lead to better night time sleep.

    2) My son was EXTREMELY fussy all day every day since about 6 weeks old. It was horrid because if he wasnt sleeping in my baby carrier I had to hold him and entertain him all day so I NEVER got a break and he was this way with EVERYONE. The Dr did actually diagnose him with silent reflux but zantac wasnt helpful and neither were elevated sleeping positions. Finally I resorted to doing an extreme elimination diet. I literally cut out everything except turkey, rice, winter squash, potato/sweet potato, and pears for 3 weeks. To be honest its very difficult and you must be very commited but I am now enjoying a very happy and completely different baby. He is still high needs in the sense that he loves being around people and although he will definately play on his own fora little while he likes new toys every 10 minutes and needs music and other daily activities to keep him busy. But its a huge relief to be able to put him down for a solid 20, sometimes 30 (or if I'm lucky 40!) minutes to make dinner or do some housework/errands. He is so much less fussy now that I know the foods that dont sit well with him. Remember that babies react differently than adults to food intolerances. The major symptom for my baby was extreme fussiness, sleeping issues, and mucus in his diapers. The important thing is when adding foods back into your diet, do it SLOWLY and start with the least allergenic things. You should also try and have as much support as possible. Making turkey dinners is hard with a fussy baby so if you can get help from parents/inlaws/friends to either watch your baby or make you a turkey (yes, the whole bird-that leaves you with plenty of ready-made meals for a few days) that would be best.

    This post prob looks overwhelming but I'll be honest...its only crazy for a few weeks. You will feel so deprived and frustrated but its WORTH it when you can finally have a happier baby and get things DONE and go out without fearing she will have a huge tantrum or crying fit. I highly suggest trying. The worst that can happen is that you will "suffer" for a few weeks but then you will know you tried everything.

    One last thing...for me it took a solid month to see significant results with this diet. And whenever I cheat and eat the foods he cant tolerate he flares up again for a day or two so try your best to really stick with it. After the first month you should continue to see improvements. That being said, you will most likely still see fussy days due to growth spurts/teethig/developmental changes so some fussy days are still norml but it shouldnt be 85% of the time everyday.

    Good luck Mama! and feel free to pm me if you need any more advice or tips

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