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    Hi i have a question. My baby is just a week and 2 days old. When he comes off my nipple, the very tip of the nipple is white and bumpy like. Is that normal?

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    So it is white and bumpy and sore? Is nursing itself painful? I will assume so.

    So, no, pain when nursing and a mishapen or whitish nipple after nursing is not 'normal.' Nursing should not hurt. But, it certainly is common for it to hurt, especially in the early days, as mom and baby figure out positions and latch techniques that work for them.

    The whiteness may indicate a condition known as vasospasm, but that would usually cause extreme pain right after nursing. And it is caused by the nipple being compressed, its just that some moms have a condition that makes that really really painful & that is vasospasm. Either way, it's indicative of a 'shallow' latch or baby compressing on the nipple rather than taking a larger mouthful that includes some of the areola.

    How are things going otherwise? Weight gain or loss, poops, etc? How often are you nursing? (about how many times does baby nurse in 24 hours?) What have you tried as far as getting baby to latch comfortably or nursing position-wise?

    Have you contacted your local LLL? (assuming you have a Group near you?) Often it helps in these early days to have a local helper to talk to or to watch you nurse and offer ideas.

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    I have been successfully BF for 4 days now (after a long stint of combination feeding with formula). Baby's happy after feeding, I'm happy to feed her, and she slept for over 4 hours last night. Amazing.

    So, just this evening I discovered some strange pain associated with nursing on my left breast... looked at my nipple and noticed a tiny, hard red dot. It hurts so much to touch it and when I try nursing on that breast, it hurts SO much!!
    The dot is no bigger than a pencil dot, at the bottom left of the nipple itself.
    Wondering if others have had this same issue.

    Lactation specialist is going to meet me tomorrow, so hopefully she will have an idea what's happening.

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    Sounds like it could be a blood blister, mama. A very small one. Alternately, it could be a funny bleb: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mom/nipplebleb.html

    Let us know what the LC says!

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    I ave been breast feeding since my daughter was born 4 weeks ago. I have experienced in this time breast engorgement, cracked nipples. Last monday I began to get painduring and after feeding. I seen the out of hours GP who prescribed miconazole. The pain did resolve after using nipple sheilds and the treatment. Yesterday I breastfed without the sheilds but continued to apply the gel. Today however I have started to get pain again. I am confused whether the pain is due to poor attachement or nipple thrush. I have been attending a breast feeding support group weekly and when there I have no problems attaching. I begining to feel that I will always feel pain when feeding, has anyone else experienced this??? Its really getting me down

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