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Thread: BLW- Am I doing this right??

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    Default BLW- Am I doing this right??

    So my son is almost 7 mo old and we've been doing BLW for almost a month. He is doing well, some days he is interested, other days not so much. Pretty normal from what I understand. I haven't actually read the book yet, so I wanted to make sure I am doing it right.

    Basically he gets one "meal" offered a day. All self fed finger foods or pre-loaded spoons. I am not really consistent on what he gets though. Some days its bananas, sweet potatoes, cereal (pre-loaded spoon), or other typical baby type foods (not purees). Other days if we are busy it's just baby mum mums or other snacky type food. Some days he gets what we are having if safe- casseroles, meats, etc.

    I guess my concern is that nutritionally its not what other non-BLW moms I know do. They do cereal and jarred baby food routinely every day making sure to get a balance of fruit/veggies, etc. But my understanding of BLW is that it's just for fun and learning and the nutrition still comes from breastmilk. So what do other BLW moms do? Also, when should I start offering it more than once a day? Thanks!!

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    Default Re: BLW- Am I doing this right??

    You are right. Solid foods, at this age, are just for fun and experimenting. Breastmilk is still the main source of nutrition. If your son actually gets any food in his mouth, great. If he doesn't, that's totally fine. He has the rest of his life to eat solids. The book really shows you how much more sense it makes to start with "real food" and not purees, in my opinion. Just keep offering healthy food and have fun watching him make a mess.
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    Default Re: BLW- Am I doing this right??

    I didn't read any books, but I've gone ahead and offered what I'm eating (which has me eating much healthier!) and my son has developed a really great attitude toward food. I think my son was 7-8 months when I started giving him two meals of solids a day, but he didn't actually consume any significant amount until 10-11 months even though he has always enjoyed foods. He loves tomatoes, pears, banana, cucumbers, asparagus, peas, broccoli, spinach, rice, and pasta. He will eat shredded meats as long as they are mixed into rice or pasta. He also loves crabmeat, but that's something I introduced a little later (around 11 months, I think) and I only offered because there is no family history of food allergies.

    As long as you continue to nurse on demand, I don't think it really matters how much your son eats right now. I love BLS because you can feel free to offer solids more frequently, and your son doesn't need to eat if he doesn't want it. Eating is lots of fun for my son now at almost 13 months, because mealtimes have always just been playtime with food rather than toys.

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    Default Re: BLW- Am I doing this right??

    We did BLS with my DD... started offering around 6.5 months but she didn't really eat anthing till the 8-9 month mark. We kinda just went all in(on the advice from the ped) so whenever we ate, we offered her some. She loved playing with it, squishing it etc. We also have no history of allergies in our family so we weren't to worried about some foods, we just stayed clear of honey. I liked the book by gill rapley cause it just explained why BLS is a great way to go, but it doesn't have a you should do this kinda approach. I would nurse first then offer food and nurse again after... Breastmilk is way more nutritionally balanced and is all they still really need after 6 months. Food is more for experimentation.

    Something to keep in mind about the cereal/purees that are store bought, when you look at the ingredient list/nutritional value... you'll see a wide variety of maybe not so nutrient balanced jars with lots of water added in and high in sugars kinda thing. Especially with the cereals it's more kinda empty calories. Always good to read the labels.

    Foods my DD did great with and loved were: any type of fruit cut into sticks or given whole( like strawberries), steamed broccolli( this is still one of her favs even now and is very easy to hold and munch) carrots, cauliflower etc. Toast either in bite size pieces or sticks, Bread rolls, another fav was scrambled eggs with some grated cheese and a lil salsa mixed in. Any kind of Pasta, mashed potato, homemade fries/ or chip shapes ( sweet potato was great too), Shredded cheese, we did yogurt too but i froze it and put it into a mesh feeder to give to her( this was also great when she was teething).. she also LOVED anything savory, chilies, home made soups etc. We would either put a bit into a cup or give her a hard bread stick/crusty roll and she would dip it in and eat it, kamut puffs or cheerios, shredded chicken/turkey but she liked a hunk of steak( pretty big) and would just naw on it or suck on it, casseroles... i'm sure there was more. She also loved things with spices( not hot spicy, just flavorful). When she got better with the cup we would offer breastmilk in it while she ate. She got very proficient with the cup, spoons early on and her pincher grasp was great by the time she was a year old.

    The nice thing about BLS is that you can do whatever you feel comfortable with and you think you LO is ready for and it makes going out to eat very easy.
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    Default Re: BLW- Am I doing this right??

    The best things about BLW at this age is that you don't have to think too much or put too much effort into it. Whenever you sit down to eat, put some of the same food in front of your LO. The only thing to think about is offering a large variety of healty food (which you should be doing for your own health anyway) and cutting into the appropriate size pieces.

    If you are feeling uneasy about it then you should really read the book. It explains everything so well, and not just implementation, but also the reasoning and science behind the menthod, so you can understand why this is a reasonable alternative to spoon feeding.
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    Default Re: BLW- Am I doing this right??

    Sounds like you're doing great!

    We stuck with whole foods, not processed, so that he was getting as much nutrition as possible. Even though breastmilk is the main source of nutrition until well after a year, I think it's important to create good eating habits so we stuck to veggies, fruit, cheese, meats, etc.

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