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Thread: Do I really need to pump?

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    Default Do I really need to pump?

    I ve returned to work part time (4hrs) 2 months ago, when my twin DDs were 8 months. I have to commute and in total i m away from home 6hrs. My DH is staying at home with my DDs. I pump at work, but DDs wont take the bottle, they drink some from a cup or mixed in their cereal. We throw away a lot (up to 50%).

    There is no real appropriate place at work to pump. I share my office with 2 more people and sometimes i manage to pump in the office while others are at the lunch break (i simply lock the door), sometimes i have to go the day care (about 100 m away) and pump there. Considering the fact that i m at work for just 4 hrs - i m not very happy to spend about 1/2 hour going there, pumping and coming back.

    I BF my DDs just before i leave to work and right after i come home. And then once more in the evening and of course all night long (every 2-4 hours). When I m away they eat solids, drink water.

    I do only 1 pumping session. 2 months ago i ve expressed about 500ml (17 oz) per session, nowadays only 300ml (10 oz). Girls eat more solids now.

    I really dont like to pump... especially because so much of my milk gets down the drain... This week it happened already twice that i didnt have time to pump. My breast was huge when i came home, but the DDs took care of it pretty fast. They ve drained both breasts before I ve put them to bed.

    If i ve continue not pumping at work - will my milk production decrease? Or it will stay at the same level as they ve drunk it all before the night?
    If it means a decrease I ll continue pumping, but i m really tempted to skip this pumping altogether...

    Sooner or later I ll have to work full time and in 2 and half months our parental leave will be over and our DDs will have to go to the day care - the one where i m going to pump now (yes, at my work we have a day care, but no BF room). Then i could go there and BF them during my lunch break - and never have to pump even if i work 8hrs.

    What do you think - should i continue pumping for this 2.5 months?

    Thank you very much!
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    Default Re: Do I really need to pump?

    I dont have much on if you can stop pumping while away. But what about freezing the excess the girls dont drink while you are away so that at least you dont have to poor it out.
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    Default Re: Do I really need to pump?

    Can you pump in the car on the way to work? Or on the way home a little? I dunno, 6hrs seems to me anyways to be a painfully long time, but I'm just not sure

    Sorry I wasn't of any help. But for breastfeeding twins
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    Default Re: Do I really need to pump?

    I think you wouldn't really need to. Some babies sleep 6 hours in a row, right? Mine doesn't, but some do. It would seem like you could stand to go 6 hours without pumping - especially if they're not drinking the milk anyway. They aren't sleeping through the night are they?

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    Default Re: Do I really need to pump?

    I would have had a hard time going 6 hours without nursing my singleton, day or night (he nursed frequently at night), so, just personally, my main concern would be engorgement.

    But if you are nursing frequently the rest of the time (including at night or early morning), theoretically you can probably cut out that pumping at work without harming your supply the rest of the time. Eight months is a bit early to cut pumpings/feedings, so it could have more impact on your supply than it would around a year, or it might not.

    In any event, I would not go from pumping during work to not pumping, cold turkey. You should wean yourself slowly, to avoid engorgement and to make sure it's not going to make your supply tank. If you go slowly, you can always reintroduce or lengthen your pumping if it's not working for you.

    I would also suggest pumping on the way to or from work, maybe, as a compromise.

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    Default Re: Do I really need to pump?

    At that age, when I had a nursing baby and was not pumping FT, I did stop pumping while at work. But I work PT, so it was not every day. I could see this being a problem only on weekends if baby (ies) decide she/they want mama milk in the middle of the day after your body slows daytime production; this could be super frustrating for them.

    Going 6 hours can mean fertility will return if it has not already.
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    Default Re: Do I really need to pump?

    So your babies are 10 months old?

    It sounds like you pretty much already have a reverse-cycling situation going on -- your babies get the bulk of their milk at night while you're there, right?

    I'm kind of imagining expressing 10-17 ounces in one session. You're definitely working on a different scale than a mom with one baby!

    I suspect, if your babies aren't getting a lot of your milk while you're gone anyway, that your body can adjust to not pumping during that time and just nursing when you're home with them without it having a negative effect on your supply (it'll just adjust to what the actual demand is).

    I agree that reducing the pumping gradually is the best bet for preventing any problems or discomfort -- going abruptly from pumping 10 ounces to none does sound like it could be painful! Do you think you could try pumping for gradually shorter amounts of time, and/or waiting a little longer before pumping?

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    Default Re: Do I really need to pump?

    I would suggest that you pump a little before you sit down at work and a little right before you leave. Not enough to completely empty your breasts. That way you are telling your body to make less milk, wasting less and helping prevent engorgement and plugged ducts.

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    Default Re: Do I really need to pump?

    Wow, now this is a really great forum! I wish I joined earlier - we
    had a rough start. Thank you ladies for all your replies!

    My girls were born on 14th Feb 2011, they are 10 months now (sorry for
    the confusing post above). I only had engorgement problems right at
    the start and a mild mastitis at 3 months when i ve started to use
    dummies at night (we are co-sleeping and i just couldnt deal with
    tandem feeding all night long anymore). Ever since no problems at all
    - at least not with the BF .

    I commute to work by train, so i cant pump there. A car is an
    expensive thing here in Europe and i can work on the train or meet

    Thanks for reminding me about the fertility issue!

    I wouldnt call it a reverse-cycling as they ve never slept at night in
    longer stretches than now. I m not expecting we ll sleep well for at
    least half more year...

    I also think I am one of the "lucky ones" with the lipase issue. The
    milk is still fine next day (if i really take care with cooling it and
    transporting and keeping everything clean...), but it soon becomes
    quite disgusting even if i keep it at +4 in the fridge. I havent tried
    scalding yet... parents of twins are always short in time . Anyway,
    this is why i dont freeze the milk i had in the fridge and not use
    next day... We have the freezer quite full already - what i pump on
    Fridays goes there straight a way. And then we hardly ever use it. i
    think of it as a kind of bank in case something happens to me...

    Another reason for wasting so much milk is because my DH never knows
    if they will eat or not. He prepares a meal and then they just wont
    eat (they only take few spoons or few sips). Probably they want a
    breast and they wait a bit if the mummy will show up... half an hour
    later the food is cold and we shouldnt reheat it... But sometimes they
    d eat a lot straight away and you dont want to let then wait while you
    prepare more... you cant even hold them both while you prepare more

    Here is what I ll try to do. I ll keep on pumping the way i did until
    now. Its only 1 week left before Christmas and I dont need to work
    from Christmas till NY. In January I ll try to pump less every week
    and see what happens.

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    Default Re: Do I really need to pump?

    Six hours is usually the cut off line of not wanting to go longer then, with out effecting your supply. Longer then that with a singleton will effect supply, I would think doubly so with twins, but I have no idea.

    That being said, I have no idea about laws in Europe, but why can't you pump on the train? I have pumped on the NYC subway/train, and also on air planes.

    Also why do you have to go away from the office to pump? Is your office dangerous (deadly things floating around in the air?). I EPed for 2 1/2 years. I always treated pumping like breast feeding, I did it any where I needed to. I never secluded myself away from others just to pump. I did usually use a cover up or blanket/towel or something though. I don't do that with nursing but a baby hides a lot of boob where the pump puts it all out there! lol The cover ups worked well though and no one ever said a unkind word to me. In fact some people didn't even realize I was doing anything! Yeah a huge old pump attached to me and they didn't realize it! However, they would ask what that noise was. lol haha

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