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Thread: DD's milk is drying up all on it's own.

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    Default Re: DD's milk is drying up all on it's o

    The average 1 yr old needs about 800 calories a day depending on her weight.

    Regardless of what milk or formula you use she definitely needs dairy products for calories and calcium (if she doesn't have any cow's milk allergies)- full fat yogurt, cheese, etc. Avocado, olive oil and butter on solids. Again, weight LOSS is not normal. My son was a very chunky baby and really plateaued on weight gain around 6 months. He is very active at 11 months and has only gained 2-3 lbs in the last 5 months. However actual weight loss is concerning. Unless it's just from illness and she gains it right back after getting well.
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    Default Re: DD's milk is drying up all on it's o

    Hi Nana, congratulations on your upcoming little grandchild. I had an 11-mo and was 3mos pg right at this time last year :givbes At the end of the first tri I pump weaned in under 3 days because my milk was drying up so quickly, but my DD continued to want to nurse (I won't say breastFEED because I'm not sure how much milk she got, although from time to time throughout the months I saw spatters/droplets of milk, and later colostrum at the very, very end). She kept on, and I tolerated the sensation which at times drove me bananas... but it was easier to flop down and nurse my active toddler than chase her around the house after work. She is still bfing at 23mos. I took it one day at a time while pg. Your DD and her nursling can too.

    My first OB told me I had to wean and I asked him why--he squirmed, then said I'd get tired. I didn't. I changed OBs

    This might be of help for your nutritional questions, it's written by a well-known Canadian pediatrician and bfing advocate: http://www.nbci.ca/index.php?option=...tion&Itemid=17 If you click Information Sheets--English in the top menu you'll find lots of other good info too. Hope this helps.
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    While ordinarily, women do not just "dry up," and a mom who is nursing frequently almost always has milk, no matter what the pump is telling her, there is one MAJOR exception to that. Pregnancy does dry up most women's supply. It may not completely dry it up, but for many women, it does. So it is very very possible that in fact, your daughter's milk is drying up. It is sad! I'm sorry. This is one aspect about getting pregnant that I feel like a lot of women are not really warned about (partly because breastfeeding is still not the norm in our culture). It can cut short your nursing relationship with your older child, unfortunately. Sorry!
    The good news is that (barring unusual risk factors) its fine to allow baby to still nurse, for comfort if nothing else. Also it is possible she is still making some milk, just not as much & quite possibly not enough for the 11 month old to get adequate nutrition from only breastfeeding. And if the mom wants, once her new baby is born, she can tandem nurse if she wants. An excellent book about nursing while pregnant and tandem nursing is Adventures in Tandem Nursing.

    Your DD's body is preparing for the new little one, so the important thing right now is to make sure the 11 month old is getting proper nutrition. That may or may not mean supplementing with formula. If mom is weaning anyway, she may want to take a look at the books How Weaning Happens and/or the Nursing Mothers Guide to Weaning.

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    Hi. I am brand new here, and I am currently going through this same thing. I have an 11 month old daughter and I am about three months pregnant. For about two weeks now she has been nursing literally all night long. She was previously a pretty good sleeper. She'd wake up once or twice a night to nurse and then go back to sleep. Now I have to sleep on my side with her attached at the boob all night, otherwise she will not sleep. I had a feeling my milk supply was decreasing, but now I think it's completely gone in just a matter of days. I got teary-eyed when I read the post by aprilsmagic on the first page of this thread that said the baby will nurse more, even all night, trying to bring the milk supply back. I realize now that that is what she has been trying to do. That sweet little one. I am pretty sure she is getting enough calories from food during the day. She eats baby oatmeal, real bananas, pureed apples and pears, yogurt, crackers, and those little gerber melts. I just don't know how much liquid she needs (either milk or water) to stay hydrated since she has been breastfed up until this point.

    Just wanted to say I'm glad I found this thread and good luck nana to your daughter who is going through this. Thanks, ladies for letting me chime in.

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    Default Re: DD's milk is drying up all on it's o

    I wanted to come back and ask, can you get anyone to donate a small amount of breastmilk to you? Is someone that you know breastfeeding?

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    Yes, I know that I am long-winded but there is so much to ask and say. Here goes...

    Wow, you girls are all so awesome to take time to write me back. What great insight you all have. I love it!!

    Baby went to Pediatrician yesterday and it was found that she has both a throat and an ear infection. She was prescribed antibiotics of course. UGGHH!! I do not believe in taking antibiotics for every infection. The very difficult and unfortunate part is that my dd's fiance/baby's father is huge on Western medicine and because he has not educated himself, knows no better. So sad. DD went ahead and gave baby antibiotics. My stomach just wrenches over the thought. I do believe, however, that she will continue to educate HERSELF on the subject and will soon find that much more damage can be done to baby, long term, by taking the antibiotics than by allowing babies body to fight infection off naturally. Here are some just 2 articles amongst thousands re Antibiotics -



    Perhaps, trying to fight the infection without them would be a difficulty for baby right now tho as she is still not getting all of the calories daily that she is needing. I feel like this is the most critical and urgent matter at hand. Each day that passes without this proper nutrition the more danger.

    Regarding the whole Coconut Oil matter…DD will wait until baby is completely well and then sometime after re-apply the oil on a very small part of baby’s body to see if, in fact, the rash was from the oil. If so, the Coconut milk would be out, however, if she tolerates it just fine, the Coconut milk might be an option. I’ve actually never heard of giving Coconut milk to a baby. Is this a tried, tested and true safe alternative for an 11 month old??

    Melissa – Thank you sooo much for the info on the 800 calories a day. Where did you find this info?? So appreciate that input as we have been lost about the matter.

    BxlGirl & lllmeg– Yes, baby is still suckling for comfort… and guess what??? DD did, in fact, see a little bit of milk on her nipple yesterday. Crazy huh??!! Guess there IS still a bit of milk in there. Just obviously not enough to count on though.

    Katiebelle – Hang in there girly! You, too, probably still have some milk, but if it seems as though you are drying up, it may well be that it is not enough to give baby nutrients she needs. Please supplement immediately so that she does not become malnourished and begin losing weight. Read this whole thread and you will find a lot of really good advice regarding the matter.
    DD and I do not know how much liquid baby should have either. Hoping someone here will address and answer that question for us. J

    Juno – Wouldn’t know how to go about such a thing. My dd, I must say, would likely never have the heart/guts to ask anyone for their breastmilk. As far as I know she does not know of anyone who is currently bf’g. Is there such a thing as a bf’g bank of sorts?? If so, do they screen the milk????? That would be the biggest concern. My DD and I were talking about this once and it occurred to me that this could be a potential danger if milk were not tested.
    What do you know about this?? Would be something to look into if it is a viable option.

    Bless you all once again for your fantastic feedback and your commitment to breastfeeding and to your children’s health. You are so very appreciated. I mean that truly!

    Nana66 (Mindy)
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    Default Re: DD's milk is drying up all on it's o

    There are milk banks but they are mostly for premature and sick babies. She might have to swallow her fear and pride if there is anyone she could ask. Where are you guys located? Maybe someone on here can help you or knows how to find it.

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    Milk banks tend to really focus on sick and premature infants. This is NOT LLL endorsed, but your DD could look into Human Milk 4 Human Babies and find a donor.

    This said, if I had an 11 month old, I'd just start moving to alternatives and skip the formula for a month.
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