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Thread: Skim milk??

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    Default Skim milk??

    Hello- so today was my LOs 6 month check up. He is 14lbs 3oz and 4th percentile.
    He was born 5 weeks early and was 6lbs 8oz at birth. I think at two months he was about 11lbs. At 5 months he was 13 lbs 8 oz. ( I have all this written down but not right by me)
    Clearly his percentile has been trending downward. We started some solids about a month ago.. Just a little banana, avocado, and cereal. He nurses on demand during the day and once or twice at night usually, but he's staring to sleep a bit more. Anyway pediatrician wants me to really increase my solids with him. She thinks my milk may not have enough fat, like skim milk. Is this possible? I feel so guilty if I'm depriving my son of nutrients ... but it just seems like BM should be he best. Should I try giving one formula bottle a day and see if it helps his weight? Anyone else been told they have skim milk?? Any suggestions for high caloric solids?

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    Sure, lots of moms get told that they must make skim milk. Usually by ignorant grannies or misinformed docs, like yours! This link covers the energy content of human milk: http://kellymom.com/nutrition/milk/change-milkfat.html. Note that what seems to be really important when it comes to affecting a baby's weight gain is the QUANTITY of milk, not the quality.

    Your baby has always been a smaller baby, so it's not so surprising that he's still a smaller baby. Seeing a baby's weight percentile drop is normal at around 6 months as the baby becomes increasingly mobile and puts more calories into motion instead of putting them into fat. If your baby seems healthy and happy in other respects, I don't know that I would necessarily be too concerned.

    The best thing you can do to get your LO to gain more weight is to nurse more, especially if he is sleeping through the night. You can also concentrate on high-cal solids like avocado, whole-milk yogurt, beans, and meat, and add a drizzle of olive oil to low-cal solids like veggies, fruits, and cereals. A test for anemia may also be a good idea- low iron can sometimes cause slow weight gain and anemia often crops up around 6 months when baby has exhausted his iron stores from birth.

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    Hi mama. My son is small too, the 6th percentile (after being born at 9lbs 14 oz ). I had a dud of a pedi who said I was nursing too much and should feed him a ton of solids. Now that's just crazy and I switched docs to an awesome one who will talk your ear off about obesity and how a thin kid is FINE as long as he meets his other milestones. Even though I believe that it can be hard when we see all these chubby babies every where! When I feel nervous I count his wet diapers, is he peeing and pooping? Is he on track developmentally (for your LO it would be age adjusted) and is he happy and responsive.

    I also use coconut oil to cook his food and mix it in where even I can. It's a great fat.
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    I have a little guy, too (10th % but born at 8lb 10oz). I have a very BF-friendly pedi who nursed her own 3 children. She told me, after I started getting concerned about his weight that first of all the charts are kind of based on formula fed babies who are chronically overweight so take it with a grain of salt, and second there have to be babies on the low end of the scale as there are babies on the high end and it doesn't mean they're UNDER weight. Babies on the high end for weight aren't considered unhealthy, and neither should little babies be considered so.

    She also said that more than looking at weight alone, she looks at the baby in general and since my son is VERY active and hitting all milestones in a timely manner, she is not at all concerned and this is just the weight he is supposed to be.

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    Default Re: Skim milk??

    No it's not possible. Your doctor is ignorant.

    Way too lazy for formula

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