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Thread: 4 mon old not gaining weight

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    Default 4 mon old not gaining weight

    Any suggestions for a baby at 4 month old that only gained about 8oz between her 2 and 4 month visit? Dr suggested formula but i would like to try other things before that!

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    How is her diaper output? Have you seen a Lactation Consultant? Make an appointment with one if you have concerns. Then can help.

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    Can you post a complete weight history on your LO?

    My first suggestion for a baby who isn't gaining well is to nurse her more. If she's nursing every 3 hours, try offering every 2 hours. If she's sleeping through the night, wake her up and nurse her at night.

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    Similar situation here. Definitely see a lactation consult (preferably IBCLC). My DD2 was not latching deeply and therefore unable to nurse as efficiently. Also, add a few extra feedings...these helped us. She tried sleeping through the night at 5 weeks...was told by pediatrician this was ok. Um, NOT! Once a night seems to be working for us (she's six months now). Good luck...it can be a bit worrisome when encountering this, but just a few little tweaks seemed to help us!

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