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Thread: squirming and kicking while nursing.

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    Unhappy squirming and kicking while nursing.

    Logan is 6 weeks old. He nurses really efficiently normally. When he starts nursing he's usually fine. But after 3 minutes he starts to squirm and kick and flail his arms to the point of coming off the breast. I know its not a slow let down because I can hear him gulping and swallowing. I've tried different positions, at first it seemed to stop in a lying down position, but now he does it then too. He's gaining weight well. He doesn't appear to be hungry. Its just weird because after he pulls off, he will open wide like he wants to go back on but after so long he won't latch, hell just cry. Is he just going through a fussy period? Maybe he's getting what he needs and then just wanting to suck to pascify himself? Or maybe he's hungry but too tired to nurse? We have had no issues for the first month of nursing but now all of a sudden he just gets fussy while nursing. I'm so frustrated because I don't know what he wants!

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    Default Re: squirming and kicking while nursing.

    It sounds like perhaps you are experiencing a forceful let down and maybe your LO is overwhelmed by the fast ejection of your milk?
    Or your LO is having some ear pain?
    For me, by the time I tried everything to get my ds#4 to be a calm nurser he overcame his issues on his own. I just hugged him, burped him cooed and nursed him in all sorts of positions till he seemed satisfied.
    The more times during the day we nursed, the less fussy he became.
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    Default Re: squirming and kicking while nursing.

    My LO is a squirmer too and I have wondered the same things as you! I know his ears are fine (we were just at the pedi this morning for shots and I had them checked). I suppose it doesn't mean they aren't hurting him, but at least they are clear. My LO punches me! Sort of constantly swings his arms around in punches. Maybe their ears hurt because of their little teeth moving around inside their jaw?

    Sorry I don't have any answers...just thought I would say my guy is similar!
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    Default Re: squirming and kicking while nursing.

    Is there milk spraying when he comes off? Could be OALD let-down if there is...

    My DD got wiggly/fussy around 7 weeks old & did a lot of squirming, pulling off, crying, etc. I think I did have a bit of OALD but didn't know it. I talked to a nurse & she said that sometimes babies don't like the taste of your milk (not in general, just from whatever you ate), so they will act like they want to eat but fuss & cry b/c they don't like the flavor of something that you ate. She said that seafood will cause a taste that some babies don't like (I was eating a lot of tuna & salmon), also onions, garlic & other strong flavors. IDK if that's true in your case or not, but cutting the tuna & watching the strong flavors seemed to help for me. Also, one thing that seemed to help w/the wiggling was to pat her bottom while she nursed. I also stroke her jaw, that helps to relax her.
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    Default Re: squirming and kicking while nursing.

    Gulping and pulling off can be signs of overactive or fast letdown. It might be that he's having trouble keeping up with the flow. It tends to gradually get worse the first couple of months and then get better as baby gets bigger and more able to keep up.

    Have you tried nursing in a semi-reclining position (there's a video about it here)? Gravity helps control the flow, so it might help if it is OALD.

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    Default Re: squirming and kicking while nursing.

    maybe try burping?
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