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Thread: Is my milk deficit of good fat?

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    Default Is my milk deficit of good fat?

    Sorry ,I don't know where to post it.DD2(almost 7 mo) is EBFed ,started very little solid two weeks ago,she is on 85th percentile on height & weight chart..She has eczeme on both cheeks ,it started when she was few weeks old .I have tried eliminating nuts,eggs,wheat from my diet but can't tell any difference .But about 10 days ago I ate avocado and she ate little bit, the next day I was surprised to see her cheeks ,for the first time it was in its best condition.now I find the same thing everytime I eat avocado .but it goes back to its original condition if I miss eating avocado even for a day.So my question is my BM lacking good fat(or any other nutrient) this time?(DD1 was EBFed too ,she was as healty as she could be and she was on 95 percentile on weight chart)
    Also my heart cries when she starts scratching and crying .Does anybody has any suggestion on eczema?TIA

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    Did you try cutting dairy?

    My sister had excema, but I can't remember what my mom did for it, and it would likely be outdated advice anyway. If you go to the wellness forum further down the page, I'm sure someone ther has had a discussion on current therapies, and I hope someone going through it comes by.

    However, I want to say, NO, your milk isn't devoid of good fats. She is simply reacting to something. Studies say eating something does not change the composition of milk, so I can't quite explain the difference you are seeing, but there is something in the avocado that maybe is helping you make more of something anti-inflammatory. That said, I noticed when I drank coconut milk, I had a thicker cream layer in my milk But this is not from you
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    Default Re: Is my milk deficit of good fat?

    Your milk isn't lacking. You don't get a baby to the 85th percentile in height and weight without putting plenty of good fat into her!

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    Default Re: Is my milk deficit of good fat?

    Eczema can be related to food allergies, particularly dairy as the pp mentioned. But sometimes you never do figure out what is causing it specifically. It tends to run in families and is also associated with asthma (not that your dd has asthma but people with asthma are more likely to have eczema or family members with eczema. I have asthma and 3 of my kids have eczema)

    Sometimes instead of searching up and down for what is causing it, it's best to just treat the symptoms. My kids' eczema is worse in the winter. Aquafor and eucerin are helpful in dry weather. We also don't use fabric softener and use fragrance free detergent. If it gets really bad we resort to hydrocortisone cream.
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    Default Re: Is my milk deficit of good fat?

    My first DD had eczema on her back. We found that if we didn't use any soap on her back that it got a lot better. Also we switched to a fragrance free laundry detergent and that helped too. Also there is a cream you can get at WalMart called Baby Eczema Cream and its just a super hydrating lotion. It helped her a lot.

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    My son has eczema on his butt, hips, elbows, and cheeks. The thing that works the best for my son is Eucerin Calming Creme. It is a really thick lotion and if I put it on him straight out of the bath it seems to help. I also only use white Dove bar soap on him because it has a moisturizer and no colors/scents. Unscented detergent and no fabric softener help, as some PPs have said. My pediatric dermatologist also said to limit his baths to 5 minutes, only bathe him every 3 days, and not to get the water too hot.

    When my son's gets too bad I also will resort to hydrocortisone 1% cream. A very very thin layer with a layer of lotion over top of it will clear it up so quickly but it can thin the skin out if used too much. I only use it when my son's gets so bad that it is cracking or is obviously making him miserable. Be sure to let him completely dry before putting any medicines or lotions on her! Good luck!
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